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Spend as much time as possible following your passions. Time, after all, is our most valuable resource. Why waste precious days and years doing something that doesn’t make us happy? Often, we are judged based on how much money we make from our job, how big our house is, or what kind of car we drive. The reality though, is that none of this matters in the long run. People will only remember you by the type of impact you had on the world.

Take Nelson Mandela, for example. He is remembered as one of the most revolutionary people in history, because he tackled the problems of racism, poverty, and inequality in Africa. You’ve likely heard of Nelson Mandela many times before. He followed his passion and made a difference in the world. Have you heard of the rich guy down the street who passed away the other day? Probably not.

We are often told we first have to go to school, then get a job, and finally retire. That is our life. By fitting into society, we miss out on truly following our passion. Use whatever time you have to make your dreams come true, and do something meaningful. Simply being happy isn’t the same thing as living with passion and meaning. Anybody can be happy. I can buy you a new car and make you happy – but that is only temporary happiness. Living a life full of passion and meaning is much more permanent.

A recent study found that four out of ten people do not know the meaning of their lives. Clearly, these people have not found what they are passionate about. They may be happy, but they are not living a life full of meaning. Today, make it a point to reflect on what your true passion is. If you are already following your passions in life, then great! However, if you are doing something simply because you were told you had to do it, then stop wasting time. I used to have a job in an office. I made good money, but I never felt like I was doing anything meaningful. Finally, I built up the courage and quit. I realized that I wanted to make a real impact on the world and follow my dreams. I now feel like I am living a life full of meaning. Your time in the world is limited. Don’t be afraid to go follow your dreams. Love what you do. Do what you love.

What will you be remembered for?

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Nihar Suthar is an award-winning writer, covering inspirational stories around the world.

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  1. Thanks Nihar, you made me remeber something that happened to me some yaers ago. I started hearing a whisper saying that I should do something different in my life. With time this whisper became loud till this year when I took the courage to quit my job and follow a totally different path. In the moment I’m acquiring knowledge to start a business in the renewable energy sector, using renewables to change people’s lives in poor countries.

  2. Thank you so much for your inspiration to follow the quiet voice inside that we sometimes forget to listen to because our lives are so hectic with unimportant “things”.

  3. thank you for this message! often people think that they have to quit their office jobs to be happy, but you can find your happines and still have a more “formal” job. it is about finding your passion and going for it! I still haven’t found mine, but I am going for it. however I already know I don’t have to quit my job to do so… maybe I can do it by working here and helping others.

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