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In the end the question becomes ‘where to begin?’ Do you remember your beginning? The innocence that heated every breath? Don’t be afraid to go back to that in some small way.

Let yourself be open. Open your heart to the fact that we are all one. We, and everything, are all connected beyond the scope and understanding of the brain.

Trust your heart to lead your life. It is more capable than you know. Your head analyzes the sensible route. A road paved by fear, for it is only logical to take the path of least resistance and avoid unnecessary risk. This may lead you to safety, just as dull blade is safer than a sharp one.

Be at ease with your heart. Be patient. Understanding is not the ultimate goal of this life, it becomes a side effect of acceptance. We are all here to learn. There are too many unknowns, too many variables to fully comprehend the scope of life, therefore this does not deserve your focus.

There is nothing that goes against our individual survivalist nature more than self harm. And, if we are all connected, all one, harming another can then be seen as self destructive. It is easy to be self shaming or hard on oneself in one way or another, it is also human to do so. We all make mistakes. But remember, you can not screw up. Give yourself the room to be human. Nothing is permanent and so nothing can truly be ruined.

Those who hurt you are deeply in pain on the inside. Let them work out their inner conflicts and in your patience find the beauty of life happening around you. Find compassion and love for yourself and it will spill over to others with ease.

Love yourself and with this truly internalized you will love others as yourself because you are one in the same. And when you feel your ego piping up screaming for attention, talk to it. Speak to your youthful side with the tone you would use when training a puppy, stern yet full of understanding.

And in the moments of collision with others remind yourself to be just as compassionate as you were with yourself not long before because we are all in this together, we are all the same in the most poignant way; even our differences share the same roots.

Breathe. Breathe deeply and think about the air you share with the rest of our world. We are together in comfort and sorrow. We are fitted together as one.

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Leora Calmus is the founder and creator of The Event Makeup Artist (TEMA) Featuring William Lemon. Leora worked in freelance and in the service industry for most of her life. She used the freedom of being self employed to travel the world and hone her many passions, such as cooking, entrepreneurship and art. After meeting William Lemon, celebrity makeup artist, in Hollywood, CA the two decided to team up and create a course that could teach people all over the world the valuable skill of makeup artistry. Hoping to use peoples innate passions and drive for art Leora and Will set out to give others a real stepping stone to the lives of their dreams. The business is founded on different principles than most. The two wanted to create a business that prioritized people above profits. TEMA aims to give as much as it gains. So, in an effort to stay balanced a charity program was implemented in which 50% of profits goes to The Homeless World Cup organization. Leora currently lives on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hi where she works to build out this idea of balanced businesses.



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  1. Really Inspiring. Allowing me as a Christian to take the Holy Spirit to me and detail pseudo soul (ego) to pseudo number is perfect. Where birr that numbs causes war, impermanence, etc., I arrive at the ever-so-slight context to my yet to write non-fiction creation.

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