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What’s Really Our Purpose In Life?

Life should be fun! Every aspect of it is a thrill beyond anything we can describe or imagine. We have all heard the saying that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Think about that. Most of us live our lives as if we must find some higher consciousness or grand purpose for why we are here when in reality “we are” the purpose. Our human-ness is our purpose. We are already divine beings and all the things we think we are not and must drive ourselves to become are already ours.

We came “down” to be human not the other way around. There is no “up” in human experience because everything about our spiritual nature is already up.

As humans we need only to remember our spiritual nature, which for most of us, is buried in an illusion of three dimensional life. We literally come to Earth as “divine” beings and we are conditioned to be human and in that conditioning we lose the awareness of our greatness – the greatness of gods.

We are on vacation. Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing and in our hustle, bustle and hectic lives we wear ourselves out trying to be or accomplish something that compared to our true natures as gods (having a human experience) means nothing at all.

Every aspect of our sojourn here on Earth should be spectacular and it would be if we could just see beyond the illusion we have created that blinds us to all that is really happening.

How ironic that while we are here as gods having a human experience we get so stressed out with the rigors of life and all our various pursuits to find meaning and purpose that we have to take vacations from what is already supposed to be a vacation.

Consider that the things we are conscious of are not even one, one billionth of what is actually going on around us at any given moment. Think of all that we miss in this life experience because we are conditioned to screen so much of it out. The human experience is incredible. There is not any part of it that should be judged in any way other than wondrous. We have the ability to change how we view life and what we see in an instant.

Realize your divine nature, that you are god and that you are the “creator” of your experience. Accept all that life allows you to experience and enjoy it. There is no “good or evil.” Nothing in this earthly existence is worthy of any form of judgment.

It is only worthy of our complete and total enjoyment of it. We all have this within us. We already are the noble cause we seek, the purpose we strive for.

Live as the divine being – the god that you are. Do not live the life you think you know. Be the life you are!

If today were my last day on Earth, I’d be so thrilled at having “it” I can’t even begin to explain how incredible that would be. It would simply be the best day ever!

Carl Bozeman

Carl is a spiritual pioneer whose message is to provide new ways to inspire, uplift and challenge everyone to see through the limiting illusion they accept as life - to challenge their beliefs and all limiting behaviors in such a way that a new awareness surrounds them; an eternal awareness where no boundary exists. Carl's work, the essence of everything he does, is to get YOU out of your mind and into a "knowing" that "YOU" are the creative center of the universe. Indeed you are God. 

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