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I sat here thinking of what would inspire, challenge, encourage and empower each of you which was really a challenge for there are so many things to share. As I thought more about the concept, I kept hearing “Give them Permission to Dream”.

We have all had dreams at one time in our life and then life got in the way. I challenge you today to stop and take a deep breath and repeat these words:

I, ______________, give myself permission to dream, visualize and step in faith to set goals that will take me to where I want to be. I give myself permission to dream from this moment forward and I will always remember or remind myself that I, ______________, now have permission to dream and visualize.

By saying this repeatedly you will begin to dream and visualize where you want to go. Do not be discouraged if it takes you some time to be able to move forward, it is okay. The key is to keep moving forward and believe in you.

We must have dreams and be able to visualize moving forward. Not doing so is why many find themselves stuck. Many have been told that if they dream they are lazy and waste time. Know this – the opposite is true. If you dream you will become successful.

Think about all the millionaires and stars, they dreamed and moved forward. I am sure they had opposition however they chose not to embrace the nay-sayers and I encourage you to do the same.

Once you have given yourself permission to dream start dreaming! Write down your dreams and begin planning out what steps you need to move to that new place. Get to a point where you can close your eyes and see your end result, believe you can and will reach that goal and surround yourself with cheerleaders! A cheerleader is someone that will encourage and help you stay on track.

Be sure you journal your journey, track your successes and reevaluate the things that did not work quite right. Do not focus on the negative – just address it and move on. Focus on what went well and do more of it.

If you focus on the positive aspects you will attract more positivity; however if you dwell in the can’t’s, shoulda’s, coulda’s, woulda’s you will wilt like a flower with no water. These are very destructive words in our vocabulary that need to be removed immediately. I challenge you to say encouraging and positive self-talk as you review what has happened. This is all about making a choice to change your mind-set and allow your natural being to play its way through your life.

What do I mean by natural being? Your natural being is who you were meant to be before society and life got in the way. The key is to relax, breathe and give yourself permission to become the best you already are and dream! I challenge you to dream big!

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Robin Hardy is a Certified Seminar Leader, Certified Action/Life Coach and Licensed in ATAP (Accessing your Truth to Accelerate your Process) a licensing process not many coaches have pursued. She is a member of ASLA (American Seminar Leaders Association), ICF (International Coach Federation) and NAFE (National Associated of Female Executives).

She is known for her motivating approach in teaching and coaching. Her passion is to empower people for a stronger and healthier future.

Robin is also the Director of the Riverside For You Network, NAFE's local affiliate, a network designed to empower and encourage women, the network with heart. She has also recently been elected President of the Board of Directors.

Robin has been nominated for awards from Inland Empire Spirit Awards 2007 & 2008, LA Business Journal Women Making a Difference 2007 & 2008. Robin also won the award for "Emerging Leader" through the For You Network (local affiliate for NAFE).

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