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While driving from the airport in Las Vegas, I mentioned to my driver that I was sad that my friend Danny Gans, the amazing entertainer, had passed away. The driver stopped at a red light turned to me and said “A few weeks after he died his name disappeared from all the billboards and taxi cab signs. Bam! He was gone and the town moved on without missing a beat or him.”

It occurred to me that while Vegas can’t afford to miss Danny because the show must go on, his family is the ones who miss him more than anything. The people who have seen him perform and have been inspired by his talent, life story and faith miss him… and I miss him.

Thinking of Danny reminds me to do my best to make an impact on others and the world. I also want to encourage you to do the same. Live in such a way that people will miss you.

Smile like you mean it.
Be an encourager.
Share your gifts and talents.
Be original.
Be memorable.
Show people you care.
Be positively contagious.
Help others be their best by giving them your best.

Make memories.

Knowing how you want to be remembered helps you decide how to live today. And living in such a way that people will miss you ensures you will leave the greatest of legacies – lives impacted by your life.

Purpose is our ultimate guidance system that provides us with direction for our lives. Purpose fuels us with passion, and this passion gives us confidence and vitality to go after our dreams. To live without purpose is to wander aimlessly through life like dust in the wind. You become one of the walking dead, meandering among the living. But when you find your purpose, you discover the power that fuels all of creation. You find your reason for existing. You find the path you were meant to travel and the passion to thrive on your journey.

How will you choose to make a positive impact?

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Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. His principles have been put to the test by numerous NFL, NBA, and college coaches and teams, Fortune 500 companies, school districts, hospitals, and non-profits. He is the author of The Wall Street Journal bestseller The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule, Training Camp, The Shark and The Goldfish, Soup, The Seed and his latest The Positive Dog.

Jon and his tips have been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Fox and Friends and in numerous magazines and newspapers. His clients include The Atlanta Falcons, Campbell Soup, Wells Fargo, State Farm, Novartis, Bayer and more.

Jon is a graduate of Cornell University and holds a Masters in Teaching from Emory University. He and his training/consulting company are passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams.

When he’s not running through airports or speaking to businesses, hospitals or school leaders, you can find him playing tennis or lacrosse with his wife and two teenage children.

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  1. I think just be oneself, live in the present moment then, is enough as the rest, such as positive mind, attitude follow automatically.

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