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Being grateful is just as important as breathing. Every human alive right now is breathing, but the act of breathing alone does not make for a happy, fulfilled person.

It’s unfortunate how many people allow for their fear-ridden thoughts to control their lives and reality, when really ALL of us have the power to take back our mind and direct our energy in a positive way that serves our life and those around us.

Gratitude is a major step in unwinding our negative mental habits.

If a person lives their entire life not realizing how precious, miraculous and unique this life experience is and they never arrive to the destination of the moment with a grateful heart, then they never actually truly know what it means to be fully loved. Being fully loved does not come from an outside source like a man or a woman. It is an all-encompassing presence that is here and now all the time. It is a state of receptivity that we can open up to with practice. But when we live in fear for our future or sorrow for our past, we miss it. We walk past the miracle of the moment with a blind eye.

Through gratitude, we access presence. We are able to receive the blessings of being alive. As we open our heart, our mind and our thoughts to be aligned with feeling grateful, we are able to witness the true magic of life. The magic I speak of is something that can’t be described because it is unique to each experiencer. However, when we are ungrateful, feeling like a victim, complaining about what is or blaming something outside of ourselves, we cloud our perspective and miss the whole miraculous Universe (and the Universe is pretty big).

By practicing and learning to say thank you to every experience we have, we move ourselves from victimhood and beyond our resistance to change or accept. This simple act actually allows us to move forward with our life in leaps and bounds. However most of the time we are so caught up in the game of not getting hurt, ‘just getting through the day’, and whatever other petty story our mind has made up that we forget to say to ourselves…

WOAH, I am flying through outer space right now. Nature is crazy beautiful. I have a freaking body that is made up of trillions of cells. I can be the person I want to be right now. Wow, food tastes delicious. HA, I made it to Planet Earth, what a crazy adventure! What do I want to experience next?

But we don’t do that. We think to ourselves, Oh my God, how will I pay my rent? Gosh, I hope I don’t look stupid. I wonder if anybody will notice me today. Why do bad things always happen to me? I’m not good enough to have what I want. I don’t know what to do so I’ll just do nothing. Life is boring. This sucks. Blah blah bullshit blah!

What is up with that? Isn’t it obvious that this moment, this experience we are having on this unique planet in the infinitely expanding Universe is precious, unique and will never happen again? By digging deep into ourselves, getting over the mumbo jumbo that ‘society’ wants us to believe is important and focusing our energy upon the blessings of simply being here now, we can live much happier, simpler more fulfilling lives and we can bless the people we meet with our epically positive vibes.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just being grateful!

Richness is just a matter of perspective and if you feel poor or broke, it’s because you are not taking enough time to bare witness to the miracle of RIGHT HERE – RIGHT NOW. Stop your crazy mental chatter for a moment and concentrate your thoughts on finding one thing, two things, ten things, a million things you can be grateful for. This will lift the veil of fear that clouds an ungrateful heart and allow you to see life for what it truly is. A big freaking miracle.

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I have consciously crafted my freedom lifestyle to align with everything I love most. I live in paradise on a small island with my wife and I am actively pursuing my life-long dream of playing professional golf. The way I fund my lifestyle is by creating transformatonial eCourses which have reached people in 27+ countries, producing comedy + music marketing videos with my best friends in my home studio and by coaching leaders and world-changers to rock their gifts and (#GSD) Get Shit Done while having fun!

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  1. Thanks, Brad! Great article! I love your “rampage of appreciation”! This truly is a unique experience here on planet earth and that’s what we came for. All of it! Gratitude does bring us into the present moment where magic and miracles are.

  2. Thank you Brat for this timely article. As we are celebrating ” Thanksgiving ” in Canada today, it’s a reminder to practice Gratitude everyday and fill our mind with the all the good life brings us, staying in the present.

  3. I just love this, Brad. Gratitude tweaks me in general, and your post specifically. I just love: “By practicing and learning to say thank you to every experience we have, we move ourselves from victimhood and beyond our resistance to change or accept.” So true! We have a choice in how we process things.
    And one thing I know for true is that you cannot be in gratitude and fear at the same time.
    Beautiful post!

  4. Truly a very powerful, inspiring article. I particularly appreciate the reminder & encouragement to give thanks for every experience, because I have found that every experience hold a “treasure”. Again thank you so much for this writing.

  5. Well written, Brad😊👍. Especially in these trying times, it is so tempting to forget about our blessings but I agree with you, it is crucial that we remember so we have the strength to get through.

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