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Life can be taken for granted and lived unconsciously – or it can be lived so as to approach doing justice to this unfathomable, infinite gift that is each moment. The latter, the journey of conscious living, begins with diving deep within.

In as much as you ARE, you hold within you the secret of existence. Dive within and you will find that secret, nothing less than the pure infinite light from which this entire universe arose in the first trillionth of a second of creation. This is the message of all the mystics; rediscover this, and delight in the divine, pure spirit glimmering in your mind, the sunlight of happiness and love radiating from your heart. This is the hero’s journey.

But uncovering that Self of Love, Self of Joy, Self of Intelligence within you is only half the journey. You must become a consummate artist at letting that divine light shine into the world. Learn also to give what you are. Shine that light to others as love, as kindness, as compassion in each and every situation. This means not being caught by appearances: If you are a mother or a father, know that you are not the mother or father; you are the invisible love that nurtures the child. You are the love that brings joy and peace in the world around you. If you are the student, know that you are not the student; you are the intelligence that shines brilliance and creativity in every field of learning. If you are the worker, know that you are not the worker; you are the pure energy that delights in expressing itself to transform and uplift the world around you. You are, in fact, the infinite consciousness within which all takes place. All exists within you, within your consciousness. All is your own and so you cannot but love everything. Live like this and you live beyond boundaries, in infinite abundance.

As for techniques, there are many to help you; they are the tools in your toolbox. But do not mistake them for the goal. You need nothing more than what you already are, for you are the infinite, within which all else is sustained; only remove the false identification with body and mind that veils your true Self. So the essence of all practice is simple: deepen your self-awareness. Go beyond awareness of your body, mind, and personality to awareness of your core—awareness of awareness. That is ever clear, unperturbed, boundless, finer than space, beyond fear and desire, without so much as a ripple in its infinite expanse. That is the essence of you, your infinite Self. This self-awareness begins in witnessing what you truly are and becomes the center for loving action that is beyond ego, beyond reaction; it is pure light. And so you will live, an example of love in action that can only uplift the world.

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Ajayan Borys is an internationally renowned meditation instructor and founder of Effortless Mind® meditation, author, Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, and certified Enneagram teacher. He applies these various approaches to heal old wounds, expand self-awareness, and unfold the full potential of his students and clients.

Ajayan (aka Henry James Borys) is author of Effortless Mind: Meditate with Ease (New World Library, 2013), The Way of Marriage: A Journal of Spiritual Growth through Conflict, Love, and Sex (Purna Press, 1991; HarperCollins, 1993), The Sacred Fire: Love as a Spiritual Path (HarperCollins, 1994), and numerous articles on meditation and relationships as a spiritual path. He is also host of Mind Matters Radio on KKNW 1150 AM, Alternative Talk Radio.

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  1. I took Ajayan’s 8 hour Meditation Class for Beginners. It started me on my path to inner peace and gave me the tools to calm my mind and open my heart. I’d recommend that class to anyone just beginning their practice.

  2. Thanks, Ajayan. What a wonderful reminder to quiet ourselves in order to acknowledge that which is present in each of us, just waiting to shine through our simple actions.

  3. Thank you for reminding me to take off my blinkers as I go through a gray, cold day. These inspirational words warm and light up the day from within me . Thank you for reminding me this is really where all pure light comes from. I have to be conscious to channel it it!

  4. What I love is that those who respond to these inspirations so clearly have that Light shining within. It is THAT responding, bubbling over in recognition of itself, and That is You. Thank you all for shining your Light into the world.
    Love and light,

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