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The inspiration for the day is Love. The inspiration for the day is you. You are pure love. That means that you have all the ability in the world to bring to you the most loving and abundant life. You deserve this. This is not an option for you in this lifetime. If you are reading this, you are ready to create the most amazing life possible.

The first step to knowing this truth is to understand that we must love ourselves deeply. If we do not first love ourselves, we will continue to create lives that do not mirror our deepest beauty. We will attract partners and work that do not serve our highest good.

If your life is not looking the way you would like, you must first take the time to deeply love yourself. Really, truly, deeply feeling that love that is you at your perfect, beautiful, amazing core. There is no one, I repeat, no one on this planet as special as you or is here to offer what you have to offer to the world. You have amazing talents and gifts that no one else has.

Close your eyes now and deeply breathe into the words “I am pure love”. Do this five times and bring love into yourself each time you do this. Fill yourself up with the abundance and love from the world, you deserve every beautiful breath. As you breathe out let any stress release from any part of your body. Give yourself this gift.

We must also know how to receive. Receiving is the key. How well do you receive hugs, do you really take them in? When someone gives you a compliment, do you take a deep breath and deeply feel their kind and loving words? Do you allow it to resonate with your core? Or… do you reject the compliment or not truly allow it in, thus rejecting yourself or rejecting love from others?

How well we receive is how well we manifest. Truly, we give to others and ourselves when we receive. Take a few moments the next time you get a hug to truly receive it. Deeply breathe and allow in the next compliment you receive. You are amazing.

Trust and be grateful. Deep down we must truly believe and trust that we will receive everything we need. When we truly trust, attachment fades away. Attachment can actually repel what we most want in our lives if we are attached in a non-trusting way. Let go of your attachment to what you are “wanting” and trust that is happening.

Be grateful for it before it arrives, know this is your birthright and live as if you have it. The universe only knows abundance and it will work with you as long as you are not pushing it away through attachment. Once you know you truly deserve it in your heart, you can manifest.

Finally, breathe. Breathing is our gateway. It brings us back to us, to our beauty and love deep within. Close your eyes and feel your deep beautiful breath. It is a pure miracle that your body breathes. Feel this miracle deeply, it is you.

You are the miracle that came here to breathe deeply, receive fully, laugh joyously and love unabashedly. Go forth and prosper… you are pure beauty in the world. I am sending you beautiful love and I thank you for sharing this time with me. I am grateful. You are pure love and there is only love.

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Shannon’s passion is partnering with individuals, organizations and families to assist them in living into their highest potential.

Shannon's latest book, The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make: Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict,  is a crucial resource for families that are divorced, separated, considering divorce and never married who want to raise the healthiest children possible. Parents, therapists and attorneys/mediators all agree: this is one of the best parenting through divorce books written. It provides guidelines to allow coparents to create the best environment possible during family challenges. Order the book on its launch day, November 6th, for free bonus gifts!

Her life coaching focuses on the area of self-love and relationships. Her business is She has produced two highly acclaimed guided meditation CDs: The Healing Journey Within: Meditations for Abundance and Love Volume I: Deserving and Volume II: Manifesting. She also has trained extensively in the area of counseling. Shannon also is a trained Kundalini yoga instructor.

She also developed her business, In this capacity, she specializes in the niche area of families/children of divorce, separation and conflict. She wrote a best selling book The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make: Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict. She is an advocate for children and parents to live happy, healthy and peace-filled lives.

After training with the Coaches Training Institute in 2002, she started her own coaching organization in 2003 and has since been a leadership and management coach with The Human Potential Project and The Ken Blanchard Companies. See for further information on these programs. Shannon has served as a catalyst for change in numerous multi-national organizations, her focus has always been on using coaching and 360 degree feedback to create positive change.

Shannon holds a Masters in Psychology and a Licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her coaching and businesses exists for one reason, to assist all of us to live in our full amazing beautiful potential every moment.

For more information, please visit

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