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There is an intelligence to the universe that is too vast for humans to understand. Therefore, be sure to have ample time in nature to see a spectacular planet inspiring hope and insights that result in creative solutions.

Everyone has important work to do that makes a difference. Make sure you have time alone to think deeply about your contribution, without interruption, daily. Treat your thinking with respect. We can learn from mistakes; but it is never helpful to you, or anyone else, to just put yourself down.

Expect knockdowns as a normal part of life’s challenges. Each one presents us with the opportunity to grow stronger, slip, or give up.

Reading both your negative and positive feelings will help you decide what to do. Your negative feelings are your best friends because they will reliably tell you what changes need to be made. Never put them to sleep with any addiction. You can experience them within yourself in a raw and primitive way, but they need to be translated into constructive language when spoken to others.

Once you have decided what to do, you will receive the most help from others if you have developed a reasonable, constructive plan, and have respectfully taken it as far as you can by yourself.

Whatever you decide to do, it is helpful to understand that people are very different. Therefore some people will like it, some won’t notice, while others won’t approve. Some may ignore you because they feel jealous or threatened. No one is ever expected to please everyone.

At some point, you will decide to take on the full responsibility of holding up your own self esteem. Once you have accomplished this task, others will look to you for direction on how to treat you. If you are taking good care of yourself, they will likely respond in kind. Harmful people will more likely pass you by.

No one has had a perfect childhood, because parenting is the hardest job on the planet. Therefore, we all have some confused feelings and misconceptions about what has happened within our unique life story. The more we can take time to understand and integrate both the childhood fears and adult goals, the more depth we have to nourish our dreams.

Dogs, cats, and other pets can do more to lift loneliness and depression than antidepressants. They require responsibility, provide companionship, unconditional positive regard, loyalty and protection. Some insist that we exercise with them.

Treat your body with exquisite respectful care as the most important gift you will ever receive.

Encourage its capability with exercise.

Life feels best when we succeed with challenges that result in income or richness on the outside, and richness on the inside from living life successfully with morality and integrity. Do not expect excessive wealth on the outside to be sufficient by itself.

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Dr. Dorothea McArthur has maintained a highly sought-after private practice for the last 35 years. She treated clients within a clinic setting for seven years as Head of Adult Services and Training Programs at Verdugo Mental Health Center, Glendale, California. She also served two terms on the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)

Dr. McArthur is President of the Independent Psychiatric Network, which she founded in 1994, encompassing a group of 15 Psychotherapists meeting monthly to keep their practices at the highest level of quality.

As well as writing both 5-Star rated, Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times, and Birth of a Self in Adulthood, about the borderline patient, Dr. McArthur has co-authored the published, Roberts Apperception Test for Children (RATC).

Nearing completion for publication is: Tomorrow’s Child, regarding children’s rights and Love Beyond Love, about adoption.

Dorothea is a wife, mother, grandmother and artist with disciplines in drawing, sculpture and choral singing.

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  1. Thank you Dorothea for your words of wisdom. Exactly what I needed to hear at this time of my life. A great inspiration for my future choices

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