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There is a spark of vitality that lives in you. This spark is a miracle that only you can bring to life. It is your gift, your purpose, your passion…your presence. You must nurture this spark, and allow it to grow. Be curious, compassionate, courageous and committed as you discover what this is in you.

Because it is unique to you and only you, I cannot tell you with certainty how you’ll find it or know it. I just know that you must. When you find it, and I trust that you will, if you haven’t already, the next step is to fall in absolute LOVE with it!

Fall in love with your purpose and with the living of it. Fall in love with what has you feeling vital, awake and alive. Fall in love with your heart’s desire. Fall in love with yourself in every way. Love even those parts of you that may seem to be unlovable, unforgivable or unworthy.

As each moment passes, nourish this unique expression of you and be guided by it, though it may be challenging at times. You might even be so frightened that you’ll think you’d rather die than to live this unique expression that is you. That’s a natural response to expanding to beyond what you’ve ever known or done before. Breathe, and remember the spark that lives in you is a miracle. It is ignited by the divine. So breathe spirit into your body, into your thoughts, and have faith, pure faith that you are made for this!

Ready for the part that really turns me on? This is what will make the most potent contribution to your life and to the world:

Join together with others who are intentionally, courageously opening their hearts and nourishing their unique sparks! I believe that more and more people are awakening to divine consciousness, finding their voices and opening their hearts than at any time in human history.

Find others with whom to collaborate. It won’t be hard. I suspect they’ll appear as if by magic. Watch for synchronicity, those moments that seem to be without cause and effect, as they swiftly bring about opportunities, resources and answers you were just asking for.

There is a cross-cultural, collective call sounding, inviting us to awaken to our individual grace and exquisiteness, to see radiance in our fellow men and women, and to bring joy, meaning and love through us in service to life. Do your part, not because the world needs you to, but because you need to. The spark of vitality that lives in you will light your way.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of that which you love.” – Rumi

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Think: Practical Idealism... and you'll have a sense how TambraHarck blends the material and mystical worlds in service to humanity and Life in this time of great change. 

Tambra  has been an inspirational speaker and soul-wisdom guide since childhood. Today you'll find her dreaming up innovative ways to bring people and possibilities together -- to facilitate humanity in living more joyously and collaboratively now and in our future.

A prolific creator of consciousness-expanding projects, Tambra creates for healing, collaboration and Love. Her book Sacred Truths: An Unveiled Path to an Abundance of Joy, Meaning and Love, guides you to know the truth and radiance of your soul. She is also curator and host of YouAreU Symposium, and invites you to join her in discovery and honoring of the uniqueness of you.

"I believe that we are living in a time of great change. Since childhood I've had a sense this time was coming. Each of us has an opportunity today to participate in that change to create a life we love and to serve life as we do," says Tambra.

A third-generation native of San Francisco Bay Area, she ventured north and now lives on Whidbey Island in Washington with her beloved Michael Browning and Jace-cat.

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  1. Thank you Tambra. This is divine timing in action as this morning I let go of doing what I think I am supposed to be doing and Being in the space to allow that spark that creative, juicy, joyful, playful expression to come through. Thank you for the affirmation and validation. Excited to see what and ho shows up through me and in front of me.

    In the light of love,

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