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Your imagination is the most powerful tool you possess. Use it wisely. It has the ability to create the most amazing, beautiful, fun-filled life of “awesomeness” you can imagine or destroy it all and leave you wallowing in the mud of fear and confusion.

We live in an energetic Universe. Everything is just energy, even your thoughts and words. The key is to become aware of, and direct the thoughts you are thinking and the words you are saying. They are your point of attraction (what the Universe sends your way) and your inspiration for action. Both of which create your reality.

If you will make the effort, and it DOES take effort, to consciously decide what you want to think and speak about, you can bring your wildest dreams to fruition.

When you get excited and really FEEL what it feels like to have the dream life you are imagining, you not only take the necessary steps effortlessly, but you also engage the magic of attraction. Seemingly unrelated events and people will show up and things will somehow fall serendipitously into place.

Do you know what you want to create? Most people don’t. Most people only know what they DON’T want. I encourage you to really take a look at your life. What have you created so far? Do you like it? If you’re not following your passion, then it’s time to get really clear on what it is you DO want.

You have gifts and talents and experiences that make you unique. There is no one else that can do things EXACTLY like you. And YOU are a much needed piece in this jigsaw puzzle of life! You are here for a reason!

You must recognize your own brilliance by quieting your mind and going within. Discover what makes you truly happy. What lights you up? This is where you are meant to shine and be a contribution to the world.

So very often we aren’t even aware of our genius because it comes so naturally to us. We labor under the false belief that if it’s easy, it must not be of much value.

But, that’s so far from the TRUTH! It’s easy for you because it’s YOUR gift and it’s NOT easy for someone else. Never dim your own light to make someone else more comfortable.

Step into your power as a Conscious Creator, using your gifts and talents and most of all your precious imagination and create a life you love! By doing that, you not only fulfill the role that you play in this world, but you also give someone else permission and inspiration to shine their own light more brightly.

The more each one of us is able to focus our thoughts, words and actions to follow our dreams and create a life we love, the more harmony, love and abundance we create here on planet earth. It’s a simple ripple effect that can change the world. Are you ready to get started?

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Jacquelyn Gioertz spent over 20 years living in Europe and traveling the world. Her life has been spent teaching others to understand life and follow their passions. In 1992 she experienced a traumatic, life-changing event which led her deeper into the world of Self-Development and the Universal Laws. Since then, she has been an avid student of the Universal Laws and an Energy Healer. As a Transformational Thought Coach, Intuitive Life Coach, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Reiki Master, Author, Speaker and Artist, her goal is to inspire and empower women to embrace their uniqueness and discover their strengths to create the life they love and deserve.

Jacquelyn Gioertz is a Goddess Guide and works with Heart-Centered entrepreneurial women who have so much knowledge and experience to share with the world, but they don't recognize their own BRILLIANCE! It is her joy and honor to teach how to break through the barriers that are holding you back and
give you the tools to have less stress, more money, better health, and better relationships in your life. Together, you unleash the Magic that you already know you have!

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  1. Thank you for what you’ve learned. I love that you’ve written the book for “A Guide for the Young Widow”! Am looking forward to the daily inspirations from “Inspire Me Today”. Just signed up. Woo Woo!

  2. I’ve learned that sometimes the “magic of attraction” can take a long time, but when it happens, it can indeed feel MAGICAL!

    1. It all depends on how long you are able to hold the feeling ckuusi. It’s our resistance and lower energy feelings that keep us from receiving what we desire. The more you embrace good, happy feelings, the quicker the magic happens 😉

  3. Very inspirational! I agree 100% that nothing is worth it if you are unhappy. Happiness is what brings you strength and courage and helps you achieve your dreams. Each of us have various gifts and talents to offer and we should use them to shine! 🙂

  4. I love imagination, and visualization. They are so powerful. Mix that with feeling and it’s an amazing trifecta! 🙂 This is a great introduction to your writing. Well done!

  5. I agree your imagination can materialize many things in your life. It is important to focus on the good things and not the bad. Create in your mind what you are wanting and then focus your attention on that. Act as if you already have what you are after and show gratitude daily. Learn to recognize when your thoughts begin to turn negative and immediately redirect them. Awareness is key!

  6. Thankyou Jacquelyn, for your inspiring words. Im creating the life I love, by loving who I’m becoming, so spread the love to humanity, spiritual.

  7. Thank you for your words of inspiration…I will be signing up to receive daily inspirations, I feel we
    can all use them.

  8. I enjoyed your article. Imagination is such a wonderful gift that should be explored and used to its full potential. I see many kids these days being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD because the have very active imaginations. Why are we quieting our kids uniqueness in schools.

  9. Thanks for sharing such lovely thoughts with us Jacquelyn! This is really inspiring! Besides, I’ve always believed that everyone has the magic box inside themselves, some just don’t know how to open it. I also agree with you that imagination is the most powerful tool we all have, we just need to believe in ourselves and give our imaginations an open and free space to blossom.

  10. As people try to decide what they are here to share (some call it “purpose”), they have a hard time valuing that which they do best because, as you say, it comes so naturally. Yet those gifts are what we MOST need to share. And, somehow, we need to understand that the Universe also values our gifts and does not expect us to give them away.

  11. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could allow our imaginations to run freely like they did when we were children? As adults, we often limit our imagination to fit our lifestyle boxes.

  12. I love your message and the fact that you are a Goddess!!! With people like you out here in the world touching the minds and hearts of the younger generation, it just may e a better planet after all!!! Thank you!!!~

  13. Jacquelyn,

    I’ve been “studying” the LOA (which I generally call ‘The Secret’), and many spiritual teachers (Dyer, Chopra, Tolle, Abraham Hicks etc.) for 3 years “trying” to heal from something. In doing so, I think the creative process became too intellectualized and detailed……I’m just now trying to find my way to making it all simple for me again, so I can let go of fear and limiting beliefs and reach my full potential. This is quite possibly the best, and most hopeful, summary I’ve read about how it all works. I look forward to checking out the rest of your site.

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