When you respond to the call of your heart and soul, the universe responds in kind.
As you trust your inner teacher, the Universe will line up all things to show you are living in truth…your truth.

School of HP: The Universe is Here to Help! (Poem)

When fate says “Hi”, what do you do? Is “run and hide” the choice for you? Or are you willing to accept The change in order to adapt? These are the choices that we make The chances are but yours to take For Universe will show the way It’s up to you to seize the day We often wish upon the stars Protected ‘cause they seem so far We want the wishes to come true But they won’t work unless we do The Universe’s not there to please But it is also not a tease It will provide the tools… Read more.

School of HP: Astrology vs. Numerology…Who is right?

There is an old saying, “Once the student is ready, the master will appear.” I imagine you like me have found that statement to be true. Once we are truly ready to learn, then we all of a sudden “run into” a teacher or hear the information on the radio, have a friend who unexpectedly calls, etc. etc. etc. That is the way the Universe works.  The laws of the Universe have been explained in many texts throughout history and many disciplines exist to assist us with discovery of who we are and our place in the world.  Some turn… Read more.

You Already Have the Key You’re Looking For!

Your imagination is the most powerful tool you possess. Use it wisely. It has the ability to create the most amazing, beautiful, fun-filled life of “awesomeness” you can imagine or destroy it all and leave you wallowing in the mud of fear and confusion. We live in an energetic Universe. Everything is just energy, even your thoughts and words. The key is to become aware of, and direct the thoughts you are thinking and the words you are saying. They are your point of attraction (what the Universe sends your way) and your inspiration for action. Both of which create… Read more.

Is the Universe Sending You a Wakeup Call?

Sometimes we think we want something—but when it arrives for us, we realize that we never wanted it at all. We just thought we did. As if there’s this gap between what our mind craves, and what resides in the deeper chambers of our heart. What we want in our earth life—and what our soul truly desires. For years, I’d craved one of those fancy coffee makers—you know the kind. They look like miniature space ships ready to take off from the counter, and they require an elaborate system of add-on purchases to brew: tiny individual capsules of coffee, tea… Read more.

Noticing the Particulate…

At some point you stood there, in the first living room you ever knew, when you were new to the world, and life seemed simple. And you saw it all with new eyes: the old sofa. The worn table. Toys scattered on the floor A big picture window to let the light in. And at some point, you were playing in this room: maybe it was Saturday and your father napped on the sofa. Maybe it was a weekday, and your mother was in the kitchen. Maybe you were happy; maybe you were sad; maybe you’d been jumping on that… Read more.