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The ultimate secret to balance, connection, and peace of mind is also the most important key to building trust instantly with everyone you touch. The secret centers around the simple, yet immeasurably profound principle of being fully present. Perhaps the most powerful way to understand this principle of being present is to look clearly at what it is not.

Several years ago when I was the vice-president of a large training company, I became painfully aware of what it means to not be present. I had fallen into the habit of reaching the office by 5:00 a.m. and not returning home until well after 6:00 in the evening. I had to be at the office first and to put more hours in than anyone else. After all, I was driving myself for my family, wasn’t I?

When I trudged wearily through the door each night, my daughter Kelsey ran to me the instant I appeared in the house. She threw her arms around me and told me how much she loved and missed me as she looked into my eyes with pure joy. She then began to tell me all about the wonderful things that happened to her all day-special, magical things that only happen when you are five years old.

And, I missed it. I didn’t hear a word she said. You see, when I walked in that door, my body showed up. But, my mind, my heart, and my spirit were still back at the office. The most important people in my life were right there, at home, waiting for me and I never really saw them or heard them when they most needed me because I was not present.

This went on for months until one morning as I drove into work I suddenly realized what my lack of presence was communicating to my wife and child. In that excruciating moment it felt as if someone had bashed me full-force in the stomach with a sledge hammer.

Every evening when I marched blankly through my front door, my thoughts still focused on the day’s events or worried about tomorrow’s, I expressed to my family much more clearly than through words that they were not as important as all those other matters.

In that instant I understood for the first time that there was nothing more important to me than becoming a master of being fully present for those I love. It was time to make the choice to come home.

By being present we let others know at a heart level how important they truly are. This is our greatest opportunity as parents, friends, professionals and caring human beings. When others feel important they begin to live up to their potential. Our presence breathes faith, belief, and positive expectation into their souls. Without this presence, we cannot truly give.

When we make the conscious and consistent decision to be fully present to the very best of our ability, we open ourselves to more joy than we’ve ever imagined and create the possibility to make the difference for which we were put on this earth.

Remember: The past is history

The future a mystery

The gift is now

That’s why we call it the PRESENT!

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Brian Biro is America’s Breakthrough Coach! He is one of the nation's foremost speakers and teachers of Leadership, Possibility Thinking, Thriving on Change, and Team-Building. He has delivered over 1,400 presentations around the world over the last 23 years.

A major client described Brian best when he said, “Brian Biro has the energy of a ten-year-old, the enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old, and the wisdom of a seventy-five-year-old.” A former vice-president of a major transportation corporation and the author of 10 books including bestseller, Beyond Success! and his brand new Loving Life Lessons for my Daughters, Brian was rated #1 from over 40 Speakers at 4 consecutive INC. Magazine International Conferences.

With degrees from Stanford University and UCLA, Brian has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, FOX and as a featured speaker at the Disney Institute in Orlando.

Brian was recently named one of the top 100 most inspirational graduates of the UCLA Graduate School of Business in honor of their 75th Anniversary. He was also honored as one of the top 70 Motivational Speakers in the world for 2013!

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