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Discover how creating a daily celebration can help you reach your dreams and rock your life in this interview with Thai Nguyen!

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Thai Nguyen is the founder of, dedicated to inspiring millions of young professionals who feel stuck doing what they HAVE to do rather than what they WANT to do. Born in Vietnam, his family fled the country after the war on a boat. After making it to a refugee camp in Indonesia, his family settled in Australia. Thai has been a successful Chef at a 5-Star Hotel and a small café owner in Australia. A private chef at a Boutique Fine-Dining Establishment in Texas. An elite Athlete that has competed Internationally in Thailand, Canada, Singapore, Fiji, and Australia in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Rugby. He now travels, writes, and speaks for a living- driven and passionate about motivating people to live their dreams!

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  1. What a unique soul. It is incredibly refreshing to hear someone so young, who’s had such extensive life experience and is able to articulate these experiences in such a way, as to inspire a new generation. I hope we hear more.

  2. Very interesting interview. The point that stand out for me the most is to celebrate something everyday and how do I celebrate it. That’s a very positive thing I learn from after hearing this interview. Learn to be positive and enjoy the small thing in life.

  3. Although the discussion is about following your dreams, I know that the idea is not that so we can become empowered by money, but satisfied with life itself and what it has to offer. Thank you for being such a motivational speaker Thai!

  4. It’s so important to have a vision for life, yet not lose sight of living one day at a time. I really appreciate how you focus on embracing your passions and following your dreams, but also having a daily celebration. Often, we forget that the journey is just as significant as the destination. If we’re not careful, we’ll miss out on the simple, beautiful moments of life that God blesses us with daily. Thank you for the reminder!!

    I also liked the comments on fear and how it transfers to other areas of life, especially our goals and ambitions. I think understanding their irrationality is important, but having faith and trust in God is key. If God has placed a passion and purpose on our heart, He will also be faithful to deliver us through it, no matter how “scary” it may seem for through Him all things are possible.

  5. Wonderful interview. So empowering and inspiring. Thank you Thai for the work that you do and the dedication you show in helping others achieve their potential. Blessings to you.

  6. Great great interview, Thai. Truly inspiring. Have been following you for a bit and have read some of your articles at Addicted2Success. You’re really on to something, and I’m sure you’re going to go far. 🙂

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