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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what do you do when a friend shows up at your home with hundreds of apples? That’s easy….You make apple juice!

Screen Shot 2010 09 01 At 9.42.03 AmLast Friday evening my friends Tom and Sherry stopped by our home for a visit. For the last few weeks they’ve heard me tweeting, blogging and raving about my new Vitamix machine- and they had an idea. They live in Montana next to some wild open space that happens to be the home of a very abundant apple tree. Sherry and Tom showed up at my home with several hundred small greenish yellow apples, each about 2″ in diameter, providing the perfect opportunity to put the Vitamix to the test.

John Barnard, one of our Inspirational Luminaries and the grandson of the founder of Vitamix, taught me that the best way to eat an apple is to eat ALL of it- in a Vitamix. That includes the peel, the stem and the core, including all of the seeds, as lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals are found in the parts of the apple that most people put down the garbage disposal.

Hearing John’s voice in my head, Sherry, Tom and I decided to blend the apples in the Vitamix machine. We started with a little water in the bottom of the machine then tossed in nearly 20 apples, one at a time, while blending. The apples quickly turned from golden green globes to a pale yellow juice, bursting with flavor and with life. We spent the next two hours blending, pouring the juice in containers and freezing more than 50 quarts of fresh pureed apple juice!

I had no idea what I was getting into when I offered to blend the apples, but now I have delicious apples for smoothies all winter long. Tom and Sherry have already used some of their juice for pancakes, cookies and oatmeal. I use mine each day in my green smoothie. Just starting my day with something so healthy gives me such energy!

If you can’t tell, I’m in love with my Vitamix machine! So much so, that I want to give one to you to experience too. Here’s the deal. If you already have a machine, I’m sure you have a Vitamix story. We’re gathering them for a book to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Vitamix, and invite you to please share your story with us now.

If you don’t have a Vitamix and you’d like to WIN a FREE VITAMIX please enter our contest! 5200New Black 3Qtr Tamper Fruit1

This contest is over, thank you! 

– Just complete the sentence…. “I want to win a free Vitamix because…..” (in 100 words or less).

– Email your completed sentence to [email protected] and tell us in 100 words or less, why you’d be the perfect person for us to gift a free Vitamix 5200 machine, valued at $449.

– Perhaps it will be health related, or maybe it will allow you to follow your dream to be a gourmet chef.

– Whatever the reason, be creative and remember, stories that inspire us and give us goosebumps get extra points. 🙂

– We’ll only read the first 100 words so please, make your words count and keep it under 100 total.

– All entries must be received by midnight on September 10th, 2010.

– The winning entry will be posted on on September 13th, 2010.

This contest is over, thank you!

That’s it- simple, easy and fun! If you need some ideas on what’s possible with a Vitamix, please go read some of the comments or watch a video or two on the Vitamix website. It’s full of information that can help you become healthier and more creative.

We look forward to reading your entries and awarding a Vitamix to one lucky person very soon. Someone has to win- and it could be you… so submit your entry now! Thank you for your participation!

Update: This contest ended on September 10th, 2010.

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  1. Vitamix has been an important part of my family since I was a child, I can remember my aunt making smoothies and healthy concoctions since a young age. Now as I have become older, my health has begun to deteriorate as a result of the foods that I’ve been eating.

    Starting this August I made a promise to myself that I would change my lifestyle, and create a better future for myself. I know that owning a Vitamix blender could aid me in my weight loss and health goals. Winning this prize would not only be something I would appreciate, but also something I would tell all my friends and family about.

    1. Arlinda, thanks for your great comment. PLEASE make sure email your 100 words for the chance to win a Vitamix. Thanks again!

  2. I want the Vitamix so that I can become the new “Meals on Wheels!” I want to bring healthy , nutritious drinks and soups to those who need it most, our elderly! My mom lives in Leisure World and 100s of people die everyday from lack of nutrition. Instead of “dead food” I can offer them a vitamin rich smoothie or soup, easy to drink and loaded with nutrition. Help me, help them!

    Most Sincerely,
    Cynthia Sebastian

    AKA~ Good Energy

    1. Cynthia, please send your email to us! Thank you for sharing your giving spirit with the world. Know that you are appreciated!

  3. My husband and I are first responders for disasters. We have a mobile kitchen that we tow to disaster areas and we are totally a non-profit group and operate on donations and money that we raise from fundraisers. We would love to have a Vitamix to use in the mobile kitchen to help with the food preparation. We feed the first responders who volunteer to help clean up and repair the damage from the disasters as well as some of the victims. Thank you for helping us help others in their time of need.

    Many Blessings,
    Ruth Moseley

    1. Ruth, what good work you are doing in the world! Thank you for emailing your request to us! I look forward to receiving it.

  4. As the Mom of a child with food allergies we have had a rough road feeding our 3 year old son. He is allergic to the Top 8 foods and a few others. We recently have found out he also has Celiacs disease. This has thrown us for another loop. We can not use commercially prepared breads and flours because they are often cross contaminated with nuts. I would love to be able to provide our amazing son with safe and good food! A Vitamix would allow us to expand his options and grow his love of real food!

  5. I want to win a Vitamix because one of my family members has Leukemia and I have Lupus and we are living as healthy a lifestyle as possible. We don’t have the resources to afford this appliance and know it is the best on the market and all that it could do for both of us. We have a regular blender and know it is just not even close to what we could get out of the Vitamix and the health benefits would go a long way for us.

  6. Any word on the winner yet? I’m sure it’s probably been posted somewhere but I am having trouble finding it, if someone can point me in the right direction! Eager to find out! Thanks : )

  7. I want to win a free Vitamix because… I want to exude health and vibrancy by eating green smoothies everyday, which will give me greater health and energy to exercise more, and will hopefully inspire my loves ones to become healthier, too.

  8. Hi! I want to win the Vitamix because I had one in the past, fell in love with it, and had to give it up for financial reasons. I’m still heart broken and would like to own one again. In my opinion, it’s the perfect kitchen tool.

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