Shape Shift to Your Best Body Ever

In this amazing 21 day mental owner’s manual for achieving your best body ever, Ellen Whitehurst blends secrets, symbols, shortcuts, tips and time-tested techniques with cutting edge modern medical theory and practical application. This course will teach you how to stop the self-sabotage, lose the excess weight (as well as a whole lot of worry too!) and, then, transform into your best body ever!

With easy to swallow nutritional advice, suggested dietary supplements, easy to follow and proven successful shamanic practices, meditations, affirmations and writing exercises, this course will guide you, step by empowering step, through a program that can release you from patterns of self-sabotage as well from past or previous trauma.

You can create and achieve a healthy, happy, harmonious body that will last your entire life long. Get ready to ‘be’ your best body ever!

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Live Your Life as if Your Body Were Perfect

Over the years, I have both loathed and loved my body. I have found that loving my body is much, much better. So I made a decision to love my body, not in spite of imagined flaws or ways that it deviates from the media ideal of what a body should look like, but rather because it is mine and it is perfect. I spent decades putting my life on hold—waiting to achieve an acceptably, socially, skinny body. I didn’t lose any weight (at least not permanently). All I lost was a few decades. So one day I made a… Read more.

Your acceptance and love for yourself has nothing to do with your outward appearance and everything to do with the way you treat yourself now, in THIS body.

A Stressed Out Baboon

We all complain about stress, but what is it really? National Geographic did a wonderful report on what stress is by not only looking at humans and our environment, but also through baboons and science. In watching specific tribes of baboons who ate the same food, lived in the same area, and experienced the same natural threats, scientists found it was not environment but social interaction and social rank that caused stress. The baboons that experienced stress and the physical symptoms of stress were those on the bottom of the food chain. They were the weak males being picked on by… Read more.

Eat Right, Feel Right, Be Right

You were meant to have energy, joy and be pain free. You were meant to have chemistry happen properly in your cells. If you have lost your energy, lost your joy or have pain, the chemistry in your cells has gone awry. You are alive because of chemistry. When the chemistry stops, you die. When it happens incorrectly, molecules get made incorrectly and the wrong shape, or the molecules are not made at all. The accumulation of incorrectly shaped molecules damage you cells, then your organs and then you. You develop fatigue, pain, depression and more. That is how we… Read more.

Weight Loss – It’s All In Your Mind

Health and Wealth Because of a Little Blue Dress

About a month ago, I was in New York City and stopped into Loehmann’s, an off-price store known for great deals on high-end merchandise. I stumbled upon the perfect little blue cocktail dress at the right price and bought it, even though I had no idea where I would wear it. This dress was a designer dress and the original price was over $2000, but it was discounted to only $180.  The dress is gorgeous and the perfect color for me. The only thing “wrong” with it, is that it’s the wrong size (or I am), but I bought it… Read more.

No Pain, No Gain: Is This Quote Motivational or Problematic?

By Grahak Cunningham. “No pain, no gain” has been yelled at us by personal trainers, business motivational speakers and keynote speakers. Explained to us by life coaches, business trainers and wellness practitioners. Sold to us by investment bankers and probably chanted by tomorrow’s future champions. In business it means investing now for rewards later. Putting time, effort or finances into something to get the future results. On a personal level at work it might mean working harder (though not necessarily smarter). You’ll have longer hours, no weekends and plenty of stress and no doubt achieve good results, earn your bonus… Read more.

Relaxation and Wellness Through Exercise

We have all come home from a run or the gym and felt the wellness benefits, both physical and mental. Sweating out the problems of the day, we can feel pleased with ourselves and leave the worries and stresses of everyday life behind. Something about it invokes a clarity in our mind and hearts. So what is the connection between exercise, relaxing ourselves and general wellness and how can we enhance this? Firstly let us look at situations where things just aren’t happening. Losing Motivation Mental stress causes real problems when we are attempting something. I see it all the… Read more.

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Brain

Twenty-five percent of young American women would rather win America’s Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. Twenty-three percent would rather lose their ability to read than their figures. When I read that Oxygen Media survey, I tried to go to my happy place. But I couldn’t get there. Because I know we have a problem, one that I don’t hear anyone else talking about. The problem is not just about that 25 percent of young women who would rather be hot than smart; rather, it’s about a culture that actually makes that a rational choice: rewarding girls for… Read more.

Life IS the Journey- 9 Lessons Learned from Mountain Biking

This Easter weekend, I was blessed by a visit from my niece, Kristie, an energetic, athletic, college freshman. It was only natural that we’d take the bikes out of storage, give them a spring tune up and hit the mountains. It had been years since I’d been on my mountain bike and I was feeling out of shape and a bit intimidated by the mountains of Montana. On Saturday we set off for the west side of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, to a campground called Fish Creek. The snowy roads had been plowed but were not yet open… Read more.

I Want A Vitamix Because….

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what do you do when a friend shows up at your home with hundreds of apples? That’s easy….You make apple juice! Last Friday evening my friends Tom and Sherry stopped by our home for a visit. For the last few weeks they’ve heard me tweeting, blogging and raving about my new Vitamix machine- and they had an idea. They live in Montana next to some wild open space that happens to be the home of a very abundant apple tree. Sherry and Tom showed up at my home with several hundred… Read more.

Celebrate Life by Living it to the Fullest!

Today would have been Randy Pausch’s 48th birthday. We were fortunate enough to have Randy Pausch as one of our Inspirational Luminaries on  Randy, known for his “Last Lecture”, passed away in July from cancer. I know how special birthdays are, for I just celebrated my 50th three days ago, surrounded by family and friends. On my birthday, one of my good friends, who is only in her early 40’s, had surgery for cancer. All three of these things are reminders for me of just how short life really is. I think we all live our lives just assuming… Read more.

Women Enjoy Outdoor Challenges Together

Throughout my teaching career, I constantly encouraged young people to put their best efforts into school-related endeavors. When teaching adult canoeing classes, I found myself working hard to motivate reluctant paddlers to “push the envelope”, within their skill levels, of course, when negotiating rapids on a river. Whether male or female, persons of any age can benefit from heart-felt support when trying to “raise the bar” to reach a goal in any area. Although never one of those “rah rah girls” in high school or college, I’ve become an enthusiastic cheerleader in life-no uniform, no loud yells, just smiles and… Read more.