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Regret vs. Gratitude

Regret is something that none of us want and yet all of us have. It's the rare human that doesn't feel regret over some aspect of their life. The past few days have been a time of introspection for me over a decision I made five years ago. For about ten years I owned a place in Montana called Dreaming Bear Ranch, which was my refuge from the world. I searched for three years to find this spectacular piece of heaven.  As a result of divorce and the resulting financial situation, I sold Dreaming Bear Ranch in 2004 as a…

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I’m Grateful!

It feels so wonderful when everyone is in the holiday spirit, that recently I've started a new habit to keep that feeling around throughout the year. When someone asks me the traditional question, "How are you", I smile and say, "I'm grateful!" Usually they are taken aback, as they are expecting me to just say, "Fine, thank you". By saying "I'm grateful" out loud, so many good things happen. It is a constant reminder for me of the many blessings in my life for which I am very grateful. The side effects are also remarkable. The person who asked "How…

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Bloggers Get Real in Vegas

Last weekend I had the honor of going to BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas and meeting many of my on-line friends in person. In these days of social media and high technology, we sometime miss the personal contact with other real people. I went to Blog World at the request of my friend Dave and he was so right in suggesting I attend. (Thank you Dave!) Not only did I learn from the speakers in the various seminars, I got to meet many Twitter and on-line friends face to face. What struck me the most, from any other seminar I've ever…

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