The Wake Up From The Break Up

By Sheevaun Moran. I have had many break ups in my life. My most memorable break up was when I was sixteen and I was dating a 21 year old. We were very aligned and we both knew it. He broke up with me because he somehow had a vision that I had to leave the small town I grew up in and make a difference. I was devastated and lost and yet I picked myself up and went off to Florida before college to begin my journey. My life has been an amazing journey and one that would have… Read more.

The Secret to Success

What makes successful people so, well, successful? It’s tempting to think that those at the top of the ladder know something the rest of us mere mortals don’t—and at a time when we’re all desperate to hold onto jobs, clients, and market shares, the quest for that missing ingredient takes on new gravity. But that “special something” you’ve been searching for isn’t an uncanny ability to predict the market’s future, a membership with MENSA, or a secret business formula. Quite simply, what sets you apart from the competition is your ability to connect. Relationships are the real secret to success…. Read more.

We Are All Singing Your Song

In the work I’ve done for the past many years, I’ve enjoyed opportunities to introduce people publicly in a way that shines light on their greatness. One imaginative day not long ago, a barrier opened up for me to a more magnificent way of singing these songs. I imagined how great it would be if all seven billion people currently sharing the earth collectively raised their voices in song. How great it would be to hear all those voices harmoniously singing in simple celebration of the magnificence of being alive. Imagine all of these seven billion people singing their hearts… Read more.

Accepting and Embracing What Is

As I am taking a deep breath on a crisply vibrant morning, before setting fingers to keyboard, I am humbled by the magnitude of this question. I gaze back at the previous chapters of my life with a blend of bewildered awe and ‘if I knew then what I know now’. I imagine the steps and turns in the dance that has become my life and the various partners with whom I have taken them and it seems that it has all been perfect and then along comes a sense of wistfulness and ‘if only’. The words of what I… Read more.

Letting Go of Past Wounds

There are few things I’ve learned that are more important to my relationships, than learning how to love, forgive, and appreciate everyone in my life. This has not only helped me heal from abuse, but has also taught me how to be present, because I’m not carrying around wounds from the past. I struggled in a relationship with the man who was married to my mother for over 32 years. He started making sexual advances towards me when I was 16. Not understanding his behavior, I wondered what I had done to deserve this from a man who was supposed… Read more.

Use it or Lose it: Connections Matter

We’ve all heard the expression “Use it, or lose it”. Just a few days ago I was talking with a professor about neural pathways and how if we don’t continually think certain thoughts or perform specific practices, we literally lose the neural pathways that have been established in our brains. The wiring just stops working.  If at some point in the future we choose to re-establish those connections, it’s like starting from ground zero. I was struck by his terminology in saying “if you don’t use the connection, it’s gone”. Not only does that have significant meaning for the connections… Read more.