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Growth through Writing… Empower Yourself!

Since man formed his first vocabulary, family and tribal news was carried from tribe to tribe, village to village by a storyteller. They would be welcomed in each cave, hut, or council house as an honored guest and nights would be spent around the fire listening to the latest news from family members living afar. Famine, a good harvest, movement of wild herds, warring tribes, births, deaths, alliances, all were carried by the professional storyteller. After a few days passed the news had been told and the storyteller, rested and refreshed, would move to the next tribe or settlement. While…

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Bouncing with Style: Have You Seen My Self Esteem?

By Sandra Beck. When people hear my story of heroically leaving a cheating husband while my mother dies of cancer with two small babies while building a solid business and creating two popular radio shows, it sounds really glamorous. Even to me and I lived it, but I’m here to tell you the truth. It was pretty ugly. My husband moved out and he had been living in a spare bedroom for a year, so you would think it wouldn’t be a shock to my system, but it was. I cried every day for 43 straight days. I noted it…

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When We Admit Something To Ourselves (We’re usually the last to know!)

Day Four was so much better than Day Three! After a sleepy late start, I missed exercise yesterday in the morning, because of pre-scheduled appointments. I broke my own rule and jumped right out of bed and into work without taking the time for me. Sometimes when there are too many things on our plate, it's difficult to schedule time for us. In spite of missing my walk, the day evolved into a very productive one. I had good energy all day and wasn't hungry or grumpy. Most importantly, whatever was going on the day before seems to have gone…

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