Hi it’s me Brilliant Lexxi.

I am 11 years old. I may be small but I am convinced I can have many successes and make a difference in hundreds of lives. I have a mother who was adopted and when I thought about the possibility of a child not having a loving family a good night kiss or warm home, I could not do anything.

Love is so easy to give and it is free! There is always more to give. You don’t need money, only a heart. My goal is to make one more child feel special. Make one more child feel as though there is LOVE out there in the world. I hope and believe I will grow “Lexxi Loves” bigger every year.

I have been blessed with a wonderful loving family, and now recently a gift from God- a beautiful voice to sing with. I am writing and hope I will be able to help others when I record my CD and share everything I have through song. I will be adopting two children when I grow up. I will give them a family to love and security that my family has given to my mama. I call myself a little girl with big dreams.

If in this short time that I am here I have accomplished so much, there is no telling what I can do in my lifetime. If the whole world joined their hands and hearts together what a difference we could make. I have learned from the best how to love others and always think of others’ feelings. Later, with the support of everyone, I hope to one day open a “Lexxi Loves House” where I could give foster children the love so many of them need. This would be my gift to the world.

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Lexxi Saal is a teenager from New York. She founded the Lexxi Loves Foundation to support foster care families. She's also a singer/songwriter.

She was an award winner in the Kohl's Corporation "Kids Who Make A Difference" contest. She also had an article in Discovery Girls Magazine "Lexxi Loves".

She performed at the World Famous Apollo Theatre in November 2008.

For more information, please visit officiallexxisaal.com

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