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Jack Draws Anything!

Jack Henderson, our newest and one of our youngest luminaries, is a mere school boy, but he’s already raised over £13,000 for the Sick Kids’ Friends Foundation in Edinburgh. Jack has been accepting requests to draw pictures in return for donations to the foundation, which supports the children’s hospital his baby brother Noah regularly visits for chest problems. Here’s one of our favorites! Jack has many amazing pictures up on his site, jackdrawsanything.com. With over 500 picture requests, he has had to stop taking new requests as he is so busy, but if you enjoy his pictures, we hope that you will consider visiting… Read more.

Make It Make A Promise Day In Your Town

The Town Board of Yorktown New York approved a “Make A Promise Day” resolution of February 15, 2011. Based on that official proclamation, here’s a draft “Make A Promise Day” proclamation that I encourage other towns, cities, counties, states and countries to adapt and adopt to inspire others to make and keep their promises. Whereas, Make a Promise Day is the only unofficial “holiday” dedicated to personal empowerment, goal achievement and integrity enhancement; Whereas, Make A Promise Day encourages individuals to turn important goals into heartfelt promises thereby increasing the probability of reaching those goals; Whereas, celebrating Make A Promise Day will… Read more.

Life IS the Journey- 9 Lessons Learned from Mountain Biking

This Easter weekend, I was blessed by a visit from my niece, Kristie, an energetic, athletic, college freshman. It was only natural that we’d take the bikes out of storage, give them a spring tune up and hit the mountains. It had been years since I’d been on my mountain bike and I was feeling out of shape and a bit intimidated by the mountains of Montana. On Saturday we set off for the west side of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, to a campground called Fish Creek. The snowy roads had been plowed but were not yet open… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Jeffrey Morrison

Coming Together to Make the World a Million Times Better

Mike O’Mary believes every one of us has the power to change someone’s life. When Mike was a teenager, his brothers and sisters were placed in an orphanage. He moved away to live with his father, but he visited his siblings whenever he could. While Mike always tried to do something special during the time they spent together, he never really knew what his brothers and sisters thought of him or his visits with them. But many years later, Mike received a letter in the mail. He opened it to find a hand-written note from his youngest sister. In that… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Jack Henderson

The Eden Experiment

A quick thought experiment… What if God didn’t banish mankind from Eden? What if God just added the complexity of choice so you could choose to realize that you are blessed and holy and an extension of God on earth – or not? If that were true, perhaps you could realize that you are perfect, designed to learn and grow, and that everything is a blessing that’s designed to enrich your life. How would this change how you experience the world? How would being blessed change how you feel? Perhaps you’d feel more confident in your ability to handle whatever… Read more.

Living in the Present Moment

Nature has always served as one of my greatest teachers. Yesterday was no exception, as the spring weather in the mountains was a fun reminder for me to live in the present moment. The saying in the Rocky Mountains is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes”, as like life, it’s always changing. It’s late April, yet yesterday I awoke to a beautiful blanket of snow. Knowing that I must live in the moment NOW, I jumped out of bed and announced that I was going for a walk. My husband and Koda, our dog, decided to join… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Dan Millman

Your Life on Paper

Author Stanislaw J. Lec once said, “I wanted to tell the world just one word — but, unable to do that, I became a writer.” And writer Isaac Asimov confessed, “If I knew that I had only six minutes to live . . . I’d type a little faster.” For thirty years I’ve been typing as fast as I can, and striving to distill all I could into that one special word. But unable to do that, I’ve written a number of books — each like my children and grandchildren, different from the others, and each serving a mysterious purpose… Read more.

Depth and the Universal Beauty

Throughout my career as an artist and speaker at conferences, team building events and creative workshops, many people have asked me what’s the secret to working on many different creative fields and still reach a good level of quality in all of them. The secret is simple, depth. Imagine you are sitting on the rocks in front of the ocean, looking at the waters. You think you can see something moving down below, some shapes maybe, some colors. You can guess as to what is living down there, what behaviors, events, patterns are beneath those boundaries. The truth is, as… Read more.

Today’s Brilliance from Maddie Bradshaw

My inspiration was during second grade at Hockaday School. I wanted magnets for my locker and then I took a class where we learned how to start a business. They taught us how to take out a loan at the bank, market and sell a product. Our class made stationary. Each of us applied for jobs. The positions consisted of a business manager, design team, advertising, etc. I became the business manager. They taught me how to write a business plan. This whole idea inspired me. That summer, I had my Mom take me to the library to search for… Read more.

Share Your Unconditional Love

The secret to creating a life that you love is all in your head. It’s your imagination and will power. You can have anything you imagine if you also have the determination and focus to see it into reality. My mother taught me that the world is clay and we are the sculptors that get to shape our destiny. I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of quality time with her before she passed a few months ago. I interviewed her during her last weeks. One of the questions I asked was: What do you regret most about not… Read more.

Embrace The Infinite Power of Love

I believe what the world needs, and what we most need, is love. Love is what brings us closer to an awareness of God and all that is good in the world. Love is what allows us to transform potential into reality. Love is what satisfies the craving within us that can only be fulfilled in this way. If we were to attempt to dissect any perceived problem in the world, it could be solved through love. But, what is love? Do we actually understand it, or have we been taught that attachment and expectation equate to love? And what… Read more.

Are You Over-thinking the Mystical Realm?

The main problem modern thinking people have with the mystical realm is… over-thinking. We’re often not quite intelligent enough to realize that it’s the “logical” parts of our brains that insist on “logical” explanations for everything. This is like banks insisting on their own bailouts, to which I say: duh. Thus are many bright spiritual-minded folk calling for something smarter. Let us, for instance, follow the didactic brilliance of India’s old Brahman priests who used to debate the divine until there was nothing left to say, knowing full well that the real answer lay in what religious scholar Karen Armstrong… Read more.

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