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“I am getting ready to move to So. Florida. I was looking into Naples, Florida. I actually always liked more vibrant urban environments, I am originally from Europe, with lots of cafes, bookstores, art galleries, live theater, close to the beaches. However, I decided I want to slow down. Naples is a beautiful place, just seasonal. However, I am getting job offers from Fort Lauderdale (I am an RN) from the hospital chain I once worked for, and by beautiful Las Olas, also opportunities for placement, etc. 

It seems like Universe is pushing me to the East Coast versus I was trying to line something up on the West Coast. My question: if I choose the East Coast because everything is lining up that way, and I have less worries, is this path of least resistance? Is this Universe’s way of telling me it is a right place, or – is it giving up and floating down the stream like a piece of driftwood? When it is allowing, and when it is giving up and going easy way? How do I know if I am making the right decision?” ~ Ilona, Milwaukee, WI

Hi Ilona,

The mind loves to consider the pros and cons of each opportunity that presents itself to you. It will become exceedingly logical in its attempts to work out what is best for you. Some thought is absolutely necessary. Too much thinking though gets in the way of your inner compass. You might think of this space as your intuition, spirit, or higher self.

However you see that space inside – that is where all the best answers are found in regard to what you are allowing, when you are giving up, and what choices are best for you. Creating a daily practice of meditation, mindfulness, and exercise such as yoga or walking will help you tune in to your inner space. When you are able to fully connect in this way, you will have an increased clarity of purpose and that “knowing” will always lead you in the right direction.

An excellent practice to increase your inner clarity is to make those lists of pros and cons. Get as detailed as possible. When you feel the lists are complete, set them aside.

After you have put your lists put away, spend some time in meditation. Check out my free eBook, “The Art of Meditation”. Try out the “Art of Movement” or “Art of Creative Meditation” these are excellent ways to detach from your busy mind.

When you are able to create space from your thoughts and connect at a deeper level, begin to write about each choice and what your life will look like in each of them. The choice that evokes the most feelings of excitement, peace, or feelings of yearning will be the one the Universe is presenting to you as the next best step to take.

I wish all the best for your new journey!

Tracy Morrow

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Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and author specializing in conflict resolution and helping couples and individuals reach the highest physical, mental and spiritual potentials possible. Her most recent publication, What is Spirituality, is receiving 5 Stars on Kindle and is said to be a highly recommended "Definitive Guide to Spirituality".

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