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I love how my blogs take on a life of their own. On Friday, I tweeted a saying that I saw on a wooden box at a museum in New York City last week. It read… P1050114

“Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breath more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours.”

I got a tweet right back that said, “Bark less, wag more”. Within a few seconds the idea for a blog was born. I then sent this request to Twitter:

Pls recommend 1 thing to do less and 1 to do more (for blog w/link to you)-  i.e. Fear less, hope more. Hate less, love more. (Thanks!)

Here are the responses (with a bit of format and grammatical editing).  There may be duplicates, but I believe that just means we might need to hear that one more than once.

Rather than list the names and break the continuity of the blog, each less/more phrase is a live link to the person who contributed that part of the blog. If you like what they said, just click on the live link to follow them on Twitter. And, if you’re not following me on Twitter, please do so right now and I’ll follow you right back

Do less, be more.L1000992

Talk less, act more.

Talk less, act more.

Talk less, act more.

Bark less, wag more.

Cry less, laugh more.

Fear less, trust more.

Worry less, act more.

Eat less, move more.

Think less, feel more.

Hate less, pray more.

Buy less, create more.

Talk less, listen more.

Talk less, listen more.

Talk less, listen more.

Stress less, chill more.

Plan less, enjoy more.

Stress less, pray more.

Tweet less, read more.

Hear less, listen more.

Worry less, love more.

Worry less, pray more.

Spend less, save more.

Spend less, save more.

Img 0055 2Speak less, listen more.

Whine less, thank more.

Eat less, exercise more.

React less, listen more.

Worry less, enjoy more.

Worry less, smile more.

Worry less, trust more.

Worry less, dance more.

Worry less, dance more.

Worry less, laugh more.

Worry less, laugh more.

Worry less, let go more.

Whine less, smile more.

Judge less, accept more.

Whine less, praise more.

Over-think less, do more.

Doubt less, breathe more.

Fist-bump less, hug more.

Complain less, smile more.

Complain less, thank more.

Complain less, praise more.

Hesitate less, go for it more.

How about fear less, do more.

Procrastinate less, sleep more.

Worry less, serve others more.

Complain less, be grateful more.

Cry less, go out with friends more.

Say “i can’t” less and dream more.

Resist less, surrender / trust more.P1050110

Be normal less, embrace crazy more.

Settle less, challenge one’s self more.

Resist change less, seek advice more.

Complain less, resolve problems more.

Focus on self less, care for others more.

Judge less, love more! Do less, be more.

Negative self talk less, believe in self more.

Take less, give more. Worry less, do more.

Talk less, listen more. Think less. Feel more.

Eat cookies less, eat fruits and veggies more.

Drink cheap beer less, drink good beer more.

Ignore crazy ideas less, dream BIG dreams more.

Ignore less, care more. Push away less, hug more.

Hate less, congratulate more. Criticize less, help more.

Worry less, dream more. Whine less, be grateful more.

Observe other people less, observe inner workings more.

Discourage less, encourage more. Scold less, praise more.

Criticize less, praise more.  Eat less, exercise more. Stress less, pray more.

Doubt less, dream more. Panic less, breath more. Interrupt less, listen more.

Over-analyze less, go with intuition more. Hesitate less, act on first impulses more.

Talk less, listen more. Sit less, do more. Frown less, smile more. Yell less, praise more.

Frown less, smile more. Worry less, dream more. Think less, do more. Talk less, be more.

Worry less, play more. Stress less, relax more. Doubt less, trust more. Shout less, sing more.

Buy less, give more. Worry less, dream more. Judge less, listen more.  Search less, create more.

Stress less, play more. Compete less, collaborate more. Hurry less, hug more. Fear less, trust more.

Watch tv less, read more. Talk less, listen more. Eat less, exercise more. Doubt yourself less, achieve more.

Fall less, rise more. Look less, leap more. Dissuade less, encourage more. Bully less, persuade more. Say less, be more, say less.

Worry less, love EVEN more.

So the bottom line is this……. wag, smile, hug, trust, dream, accept love, sleep,  be grateful, act, believe, encourage, smile, accept, surrender, trust, play, go with intuition, thank, create, laugh, trust, act, rise, challenge oneself, observe, embrace crazy, pray, serve, save, dream, give, listen, do, breathe, enjoy, praise, listen, feel, enjoy, thank, smile, read, exercise, do, resolve problems, be, care for others, hug, move, congratulate, dance, eat fruits and veggies, seek advice, go out with friends, chill, drink good beer, go for it, dream BIG dreams and love even more.

Please share your comments below. Tell us YOUR less, and more recommendations. Thank you!

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  1. For all of us, if we think of any of our non-productive behaviors that we should do LESS of, there’s usually a more positive alternative which we should do MORE of.

    LESS is MORE!!

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