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I woke this morning to the chirping of a bird. Not just any chirping, but a vast array of sounds from one little bird. He sang ten different songs and then started his repertoire all over again. It was as if he were inviting me to get up and come outside to play with him. I tried to bury my head under the pillow and go back to sleep, but he was insistent that it was time to rise and shine.

This noisy little bird was a reminder of my connection to Nature. And sometimes with me it has to be noisy enough to get my attention, because I’m busy doing “important” things. (Ha ha)!

P1050405Sometimes it’s almost funny how much of our time we spend in the drama of life, worried about money, or how much we weigh, or if we have the right outfit, rather than connecting to the magnificence of who we REALLY are and why we’re here. This little bird was my reminder today (and asked me to pass this message along to you today too.)

Whether you connect through a traditional religious practice, meditation, or a talk with the Universe while walking through nature, schedule some time today to reconnect to who you really are. Take the time to just be… breathe…. and go inside to listen to your own song.

Connect to the part of you that is unlimited and infinite. Let go of the thoughts, judgments, fears and worries, look at the world and know that everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

P1050330Make the time to study the intricacies of a sea shell or a leaf, or perhaps a snow flake. We are all part of this world, and each thing we see is a part of the greater “us”. Watch a bird in flight or a pigeon hopping around on a city street. No matter where you are, there is beauty and there is connection.

When we reconnect we allow the flow of life to continue through us. Stuck on a problem that seems unsolvable or an issue to big and nasty to deal with? Reconnect. From there and there alone, all else will unfold.

Know that all of the answers to all of your questions are already answered, inside of you. When we reconnect it’s like turning all of the dials to the same language, and suddenly we can hear the answers that have been inside us all along. It really can be that easy.

There is a great big, beautiful world waiting to be discovered, inside of you. Take the time today to go find it. I think you’ll be grateful that you did.

For me? I’m off to take another walk on the beach. (I shot these photos yesterday in Cape San Blas, Florida, as I was walking the beach with my family.) Wherever you are, take some time to reconnect and please feel free to share the link to your photos that refresh your soul. I look forward to sharing your day with you.

Love and hugs,


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  1. Glad to read this message of reconnection. It’s amazing how we tend to overlook. There’s a lot more to life than the four circumstancial walls or the pending tasks. Thanks Gail for sharing it.

  2. Great blog Gail. That is very true, we tend to forget about the beauty that surronds us.


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