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What I have learned in my life and career as a Registered Nurse Entrepreneur is that life is fragile and can change in an instant…..

1. Enjoy life, this is not a dress rehearsal.

2. Create your own positive events to nourish your mind. Even the strong require sustenance to survive, especially when they aid the weak.

3. Do not expect miracles, rely on them. We have all seen turnarounds from positive life steps and direction.

4. Things are not always what they appear to be on the surface. Investigate. Evaluate your perceptions.

5. Fight back against injustice to yourself and others. Be gracious and win.

6. At times, we have to adapt the rules. Black and white may turn to gray.

7. What may appear to be the most devastating event of your career may turn out to be the best opportunity for new ventures. Time will tell.

8. Both action and reaction can cause positive change. Patience is a necessary trait.

9. Perseverance is the most important characteristic of success. Those things that are important require long term sometimes difficult work and create great achievements.

10. Involve yourself in the lives of others; however bittersweet, kindly include the people on the fringe. Never miss a conversation, it may lead to a new friend, job or experience. Curiosity is the precedent to invention.

11. Practice thankfulness for any avoided accident. Even the minor occurrences may have delayed or prevented a bigger incident from happening. They may be a blessing in disguise.

12. Celebrate life’s accomplishments with parties, laughter, surprises and go overboard with gifts and fun events. Memories live on.

13. Determine your own legacy and point toward that goal with positive words, thoughts and activities leading toward your purpose.

14. Intrigue others, smile instead of complaining, Make new friends and keep the old.

15. See obstacles as challenges to overcome. Tread steadily to the peak even if you lose footing, keep on going. Do not retreat.

16. Redirect your interests instead of retiring.

17. Anticipate needs, initiate and participate in life activities. Business success appears to come from fulfilling the needs of others rather than chasing riches.

18. Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening.

19. Lead, follow, or get out of the way!

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Currently Producer and Host of OUTSPOKEN TV Cable Shows in Chicago and California, Karon White Gibson, Registered Nurse and Certified Case Manager, began her pre-career as a teenage hospital "candystriper" at the visitor information desk, passing out flowers and helping patients. She later enrolled in Chicago's Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Center School of Nursing. Fortunately, as an urban inner city hospital, it offered the educational opportunity to learn about every disease and trauma. After graduation, she became the Psychiatric Unit Charge Nurse and an Emergency Room relief nurse. Karon is the co author of Nurses On Our Own, St. Martin's Press and Avon and IUniverse paperback.  It was optioned for a tv movie.

During her years as a hospital nurse, she pioneered the first US freestanding Independent Nursing Practice Corporation Clinic off site to offer the middle class and others the opportunity to receive treatments and procedures without long waits, bridging the gap of the middle class deficit in health care and supplementing, not substituting, doctors' visits. Karon later began offering staffing services to hospitals, in home no medicare visits, around the clock nursing to critical patients at home, and first aid services on major motion pictures.  Karon has done also commercial consulting at concerts and convention centers. She has been the Celebrity Movie set Nurse on many major motion pictures including Dr. Detroit, Risky Business, Toughest Man and Conspiracy of Love   with  Robert Young and Drew Barrymore; Tom Cruise, Dan Acroyd, Mr T and many other movie stars. She was the Manager of First Aid, Lost Children and Insurance at Old Chicago Indoor Amusement Park and Shopping Mall offering service to up to 90,000 people per day and stars who sang and performed there as well as The Fury Movie filmed in part there. She also worked at McCormick Place Convention Center and NBC and CBS as occupational health Nurse.

Karon created the Chicago Nurse of the Year Awards on National Nurses Day, May 6. She has received awards and accolades from many organizations, including the Chicago National Association of Women Business Owners as Businesswoman of the Year and the Community Service Award from NurseWeek National Magazine. She was also honored as Living Legend by the National Nurses in Business and Citizen of the Year from Geneva Lakes, Wisconsin.

Karon offers motivational speeches to nurses, women,and students on how to overcome obstacles and challenges in their careers and professional lives. As coauthor of the book, NURSES ON OUR OWN, the story that demystifies medicine and hospitals, she tells of the rewards and challenges of business and nursing while chronicling adventure and intrigue.

She is a member of the prestigious Committee of 200, an organization of preeminent businesswomen, and the Chicago Network. She has been profiled in People Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times and  Nurseweek magazine and many other periodicals. and Americantvproductions. Her show is availale on youtube and Ustream and cable tv in Chicago and 67 suburbs ....

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  1. You hit my life, better than I could put in words. I do almost all of them today. It took a lot of inside work to be where I am today. I love how you put it so easily. I couldn’t have said it better. I always say, Lots of Love. I say that because I love myself. So Lots of love Patrick

  2. I needed this this morning Karen. Thank you. I’m actually going to print this list & keep it as a reminder to feel inspired. THANK YOU KAREN. It resonates deeply 🙂

  3. So very on the mark. Especially—always look for reasons to celebrate with a party for any reason. They are the things in life we never forget! Thank you

  4. Reading ur article reminded me of couple of incidents how my negative destiny got averted from happening was a blessing and I can never thank God enough…I expressed my gratitude to God once again.Also the point about action and reaction both cause positive change is a great one for me.I need to be patient and watchful when dealing with others around me…this can help me a lot as I tend to be too spontaneous sometimes without putting enough thought before acting or reacting …

  5. I just reread this and it is so applicable. Watch our show Outspoken with Karon Gibson RN on positive solutions in health care…..on Youtube google Karon Gibson …also on

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