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Take care of yourself. Continue to persevere: do not allow doubt to creep across your goals. Always make sure to take some time every day to rest. That time should be just for you to keep stress away. If you don’t take really good care of yourself, you may not succeed as highly as you could have.

Continue looking at the night sky and wonder about all the many new things yet to be discovered. The answer is clear. There is nothing more certain in my mind than we are all members of the family of Man. We all exist on Space Ship Earth and need to pull together sometimes to get things done. We are all connected in many more ways than there are differences to separate us.

You can learn life lessons from talks with good friends. Some people may walk in another path instead of what should be their own because it is usually safer and more comfortable to follow then to step out and lead. If allowed, fear and doubt can derail one from one’s path. People can be afraid to be who they really are, because someone or some group might not approve. We doubt our goals or dreams because they might not come true, or might seem strange or silly to someone else.

Discover natural beauty by going on drives through the national parks or state wilderness. The concept of the national forest is unique. The natural beauty of the world is amazing; even the attempts by mankind to safely and positively interact with nature can be an impressive thing.

Enjoy writing or reading imaginative fiction. Never give up on pursing your dreams. No matter what potential failure you face, try another way or try going up and over, or around, and somehow getting through, but never give up. Sometimes heroes are needed to stir the necessary sentiment and indirectly inspire.

Try to gain satisfaction from working and trying to work with people who need help getting back to their own jobs. Put life’s ups and downs in proper perspective and don’t allow what someone else considers winning or losing to affect what your performance is or what it could be. It may be necessary to speak up and allow your words to inspire others to speak. Let your mind develop the thoughts to make the words to encourage other voices to speak up.

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Gary Caplan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh earning three bachelor's degrees, and later an M.D. and an M.P.H. degree. He has practiced medicine for more than fifteen years and has publications in medical journals. With a long time interest in science fiction, he later began writing in the genre.

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