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The things I know for sure at this point are deceptively simple in mere words, but they are as follows:

  1. As you evolve, your world evolves – it all starts with your own development. Grow with every challenge to give you the opportunity for transformative healing. Align with what feels right; your spirit knows more than your conscious mind. Trust and let it grow you to match the infinite consciousness of your being.
  2. You are creating your reality; own what you’ve created so far to give yourself the permission and the power to create your new future. Be conscious in every aspect of living including your discoveries and your commitments. When you are present, there is no such thing as default outcomes. Know that where you are now is not a predictor of where you will be – it’s just where you are right now.
  3. Follow your own wisdom and know what you know – take action accordingly. It might fly in the face of external circumstances, situations, relationships… but the shortest path is to follow your own counsel or you risk disempowering your most positive source of strength and wisdom – yourself. No one else can know what is true for you…and you’re the one who has to live with the results.
  4. Friends and family cannot support you. Their job is to love you, which means to protect you from risk, give you their prescription for success (not yours), and keep you the same as they know you. Give yourself the gift of a community of like-spirited people to help you be your biggest, boldest self.
  5. Forgive yourself. You have done, and are doing, your best with what you know at any given moment. If you knew better, you’d do better – and that goes for the people around you too. Release the need for perfection, judgment and learning through pain and punishment. Remember that dark cannot exist where there is light… focus on your guiding light.
  6. Everything happens for a reason – there’s a bigger picture that has a lot of moving parts, karmic agreements with people and a big life purpose that only you can fulfill. Every experience is moving you to where you need to be… and you’re always right on schedule.
  7. Whatever is right and yours will wait for you to claim it. Your possibilities are exponential, but might not be visible to you in the moment as Source puts them together to deliver to you your desires. Stay out of resistance to what ‘is’ and accept what comes to you as the opportunity it is and/or will lead to…consider such things as both an invitation to step up and a benchmark to celebrate your growth.

You CAN live the life of your dreams… I am living proof and in gratitude every day for my being in the opportunity to do my sacred purpose with the amazing people who come into my world.

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Changing the world through business starts by understanding your motivations, inspirations and purpose; in other words, changing the world starts within you. Only then can you apply your intensity through strategic business models, systems and focused action to create conscious, and often dramatic, results.

Lynn Scheurell is a visionary pioneer, spiritual teacher for entrepreneurs and authority in the area of conscious business. She is a leading proponent that entrepreneurship is one’s highest calling made manifest through service and that one’s business is the ultimate tool for personal growth. And she has a rare skill as a gifted Business Intuitive and high communicator with solid experience in business models and systems.

Internationally known for her empowering and inclusive approach to conscious business, Lynn teaches entrepreneurs how to identify, align and express their true nature at every stage in business to accelerate results.  Learn more at

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  1. This is the most powerful birthday gift I have ever received in my 55 years. On the surface, I have always believed a few of these life lessons. However, you brought these life lessons to be placed in front of me to see at a deeper level of comprehension. Your words of wisdom confirmed much that I have been going through since I began my own transformation three years ago. I thank you for sharing your inspiring words. Your timing was perfect.

    1. I’m honored to be part of your birthday, Cyndi…! Celebrating your transformation and the beginning of what is surely to be your best year yet! :+)

  2. I have to respectfully disagree with #4. I have two daughters and I do support them. Yes, I love them, but I also encourage them to take risks because that is the way they will grow. I would never want them to stay the same as they need to grow into their own spiritual self. I might feel as if they have left me behind, but it would be a huge mistake on my part to encourage them to remain the same. I think you need to rethink that one!

    1. You are an exceptional parent, Red Hawk… kudos to you for being open and conscientious in giving your daughters a tremendous platform to grow their lives. May your words inspire others to do the same… :+)

  3. Love this, Lynn. It’s all an inside job, no? And your number 7 was so timely: “Whatever is right and yours will wait for you to claim it.” I’ve just been chewing on that, and what a validation this morning! Thank you.

  4. My first impulse was to stand up and salute you–because I was thrilled by your energetic message. Second read-through made me realize the sentences were like lovely posies in a well balanced bouquet that I could hold close to my heart; a bouquet that would stay fresh forever! Thank you! Sure wish we could have a cuppa someday…

  5. Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful message! It is EXACTLY what I needed to start my day.

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