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It is hard to put a lifetime of experience into so few words. There are so many angles to look at it from and most lessons come from the past. I want to look at what lessons could come from the future, a future we can all aspire to today.

There is a future reality where all ages of life are valued. A baby is never ill-treated by uncaring adults. A young child is never bullied or insulted by his friends. A teenager doesn’t consider taking their life because there is no hope for a job or career. No child is denied a voice and will never be coerced or frightened into any action.

A mother never feels a failure because she is inexperienced. No adult feels the need to be defined by fashion or wealth. No woman is marginalised because she is a woman. No man feels the need to show aggression as a badge of honour. No person is stigmatised by loving someone who shares their gender. No person is defined by colour or race.

In this caring future reality, religion doesn’t cause wars and a person’s spirituality is their own business. Wealth doesn’t determine poverty and a global community doesn’t swallow the individual. Disease isn’t caused by pollution or disruption of the natural laws of life. Older people are respected for their wisdom and knowledge but the young are also respected for their innovation and fearlessness. No one is hungry and no one lives without shelter. There is harmony and people respect all life and nature thrives.

This future reality is there to be learned from. It is in our hearts and souls and it exists now for me and you. Therefore it can be manifested.

In my life I have learned what is necessary and what is lacking for people and the earth. You have too. If we can’t manifest it now for us, then let us pass the information and belief to our children, so that it manifests for them.

This future reality is in our hands now. We carry the creativity to teach what we have learned. Our children can realise it, if we show them what we have learned.

I have learned that if you truly believe in something good, you can make it happen. It may take time. It may take effort. Don’t give up. Pass the baton on as you near your last day. Say what you have learned from your future reality check aloud. Say what you have seen. Shout loud so people can hear. Show its potential by living it right here and now.

The more people can see your vision in motion, the more will adopt it and it will come. Walk in beauty, balance and harmony now and the future will take care of itself. This is what I have learned by looking to the future and doing my best to live it in the NOW.

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Colette Brown BSc MRPharmS answered her calling and gave up working as a pharmacist in 1996. Her dream was to be a full time clairvoyant and to help others with her insights. She has many local and international clients and is renowned for her accurate and caring readings.

Colette is the author of Menopause: A Natural and Spiritual Journey and Tarot: Novice to Pro in One Book.

Colette writes a weekly column for The Lanarkshire Extra and has written for The Sunday Sun, The Daily Record, the Sunday Post magazine, Amber magazine, the Big Issue in Scotland, and has appeared on Channel 5 TV Teletext and featured on BBC Radio Scotland's debate on spirituality. She is 7 times winner of UK Living's 'Mystic Challenge'. Colette has also been featured in The Evening Times, the Sunday Herald, The Scotsman, and the Big Issue.

Colette follows a shamanic path. 

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  1. a future reality that we should not only dream about – but put our thoughts, words & actions to good use in making that reality happen. Thank you so much for sharing your vision of a future reality.

  2. Colette writes with realism & brightens dark areas with a touch of comedy. I would recommend her books to anybody. Looking forward to “How to read an egg.”
    A true star. A+++

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