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At this very moment, you are creating your future.

Some people believe that life just happens and that there is nothing they can do about it. Don’t make this mistake. You will limit the abundance that you are meant to have in your life.

There are bad things that happen and there are circumstances that cannot be changed. However, in every situation, you can make choices.

If you truly want to live a good, authentic and rewarding life, you have to internalize the fact that it is your daily choices that decide how your life will turn out.

Each minute you make choices that add up to your life. You choose how you talk internally and to other people, what foods you eat, and where you work. You choose everything.

Every good or bad choice you have made has led you to this place in your life.

Now that you know this, you can decide what choices you will make from now on. It is an interesting way to live, because you are forced to look beyond the obvious. You truly have to look at situations in a new way and spend time thinking in order to weigh your options. You have to commit to being in charge of your own life.

When you were a child, life choices were made for you. No matter what situations you have lived through in your life, the only part of it that matters now is what you choose to keep. You may feel shame or embarrassment when you look back and your ego may take a few hits. That’s ok. That’s how you learn from the past and move on. But it is time to look at how you are living right now.

There was a time in my teens and early twenties, when I was unhappy, confused and sad. I drank too much and lived in a way that made me feel less than what I was. Then, at the age of 21, I was in a car accident and broke my neck.

I survived with no paralysis. It hit me that I had been given a second chance with my life. I took a hard, honest look at what choices I had made and thought about what choices I needed to make for my future. I totally owned my mistakes and took responsibility for my life.

I worked hard and finished school. I made different choices in men and with my health. My life did not change overnight. It took years. I asked for advice and help when I needed it, but ultimately, I made the choices. I made a ton of mistakes. But they were my mistakes; I didn’t blame them on anyone else.

This way of living has given me a life full of freedom and abundance. You can have that too. I truly believe that we are all meant to have this.

This is the wisdom, the secret I want to share. It’s all in the choices.

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Diana Fletcher is a writer, life coach, activist and speaker. She inspires people to live lives of happiness and abundance and stands up for the vulnerable people in our world.

Diana's latest book is the International Bestseller, Happy on Purpose: Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women revised and expanded edition.  Her book Reduce Your Stress Month by Month Stress Reducing Strategies is a fan favorite. Diana has also authored five other self care books. Diana shares her life experiences through her blog and writes for numerous online and print publications. She can be reached through her website

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  1. Diana, I don’t know you and have not researched your sources of wisdom – but based on your short post, I can tell that whatever your total story – you have ended up embracing a philosophy of life that has the possibility of creating clarity and focus for virtually anyone that can adopt it. Of course, the trick is in how we learn from past choices and in how we recognize choices we are making that may not seem to present us with options. However, no matter how we look at our life, our path still depends on the choices we make – right down to the micro-level, impulsive choices that we make where we may not feel like there are options available. This all reminds me of a quote from a book that my daughter is reading that has left her embracing this same philosophy: “The only thing you have to do in this life is die, everything else is a choice.” ― Karen Thompson Walker, The Age of Miracles.

  2. GlenO, Thank you so much for writing. It’s so true about choices. If people would only realize that every single action is a choice, I think they would feel more in control (great stress-reducer) and more conscious of being “in the moment.” This takes honesty and bravery and not everyone is up to that challenge.

  3. I have been on this path of understanding my choices. It is profound to me that I read this today. I have been feeling like there is more for me regarding work, and have done some very creative things lately, but yesterday, began to feel scared about doing something new, something unknown. Reading this, that I make a choice about where I work, is completely true. I have told myself all kinds of things, I need the security, I need the money, I need to support my family……….but remained/remain unhappy. Thank you for writing this. I will be thinking a great deal about my choices today, and being aware of what I am creating.

  4. Diana,
    With the bondage of poor brain functioning, I saw that cooperative slow behind-the-reality life acceptance was not to be fought by lifting of the ever-so-thin veil. I still feel that this veil is also a vail. This began its critical stage in 1981. In about 1990 I started a very difficult-to-rough together draft of a document that “I see a Women using as a rough draft to do her part to provide continuity from our confrontational past to our loving future.” It evolves about how our chakra system creates eternity, the 5th dimension, communion, God Spirit Wholeness. With all my eggs in one basket, it is not the eggs that matter, but another issue altogether. “God is healing me, now.”

  5. Kia ora Diana (a traditional Maori greeting which literraly means ‘be with life’). Loved your post, we have hundreds of opportunities every day to create the life we want and love and express the fullness of who we are as an individual. in my opinion the things that hold us back are our inability to trust in ourselves, believe in our abilities or forgive ourselves for our past mistakes or wrondoings. Once we let go of these things (and its an ongoig job) we can truly be free

  6. What a beautiful post Diana. You wrote: “Each minute you make choices that add up to your life. You choose how you talk internally and to other people, what foods you eat, and where you work. You choose everything.“

    That is a truth we need to embrace. We have CHOICES!!
    Thanks for sharing this today.
    I Wish You Miracles. @SelmaWrites (twitter)

  7. Diana thank you so much. Your article ‘ARE YOU CREATING THE FUTURE YOU WANT? has greatly inspired me.I feel so relieved now. I was troubled by the mistakes I have made’ especially in my failed marriage.

  8. @Diana Fletcher, this is a real wakeup call for all the unconscious (or rather, less conscious). It is a pity that, in our society, it usually takes significant, and often life threatening trauma, to bring our personal power, responsibilities/decisions and lives, into perspective. I’m thrilled that this got reposted, since “all” the world needs to hear this message. When it does, the formative years of every child’s life can become different and the world will become more peaceful place.

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