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The ‘tone’ of your life is more often than not a reflection of your current attitudes and beliefs. How is your outlook? It will determine your outcomes. If you want to change the results you’re currently getting, then it begins by changing your thoughts, beliefs and viewpoints.

Life is what you make it. You can choose to embrace abundance, peace, beauty, and love, and in the process bring more of those things to you. Or you can choose poverty, worry, disgust and hate, and continue through your hating to bring more of it to you. The choice is yours. It starts today. It starts now, by choosing to change your thoughts from low energy to high energy.

But just because life is what you make it doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. Challenges are there to help us grow. We can choose to allow challenges to cripple us, or we can use them to make us stronger.

So the children are screaming, the dinner is burning, the house is a mess, the fridge isn’t working… who ARE we really? These circumstances reveal our true character.

As C.S. Lewis said, turning on the lights doesn’t CREATE the rats in the cellar, it only reveals what is already there. So if our rats are showing, don’t blame the light. Eradicate the rats, and we won’t have to be afraid of them being revealed, no matter what challenges we face.

Each day is a testing ground, a chance for us to become our best self. Don’t squabble with life’s irritations. Life SHOULD not be any different than what it is right here in this moment. It IS what it is, and can’t be anything different, here and now. Accept it. Learn from it. You can make different choices to alter what the future might bring. But you can’t change what IS and what WAS, only perhaps what WILL be.

It’s when we choose to accept full responsibility for our life that we can really begin to reap the fullness that life has to offer. Life’s bounties are reserved for those who can best expand and expound them for the benefit of others. We can’t do that if we continue to play the victim in our own life, blaming people and circumstances for our continued smallness.

If we want to live a large life, then we ourselves must become large. Small people are bothered by small things. Great people become so by rising above trivial challenges and turning their energy and attention toward creating instead of criticizing, solving instead of succumbing, and growing instead of groveling.

What choice will you make?

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Rachel Denning is mother to (almost) six children. She's passionate about education, parenting, travel and living a 'deliberate' life. She's traveled to 12 countries with her family, is author of a popular book on 'living deliberately' and is currently in Nicaragua, expecting her sixth child. In her writings she encourages other families to pursue their unique dreams and to create the life the really want to live.

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  1. That is how I live my life Rachel. That inspiration, and my choice, is large. I made the choice to live 8yrs ago., and have a life to live large. Thankyou for reminding me of the choice. Awsome inspiration.

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