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How can we live a full life if we don’t allow the ups and downs in our daily experience to be softened by the love that is resident deep in our heart? This fullness is possible upon discovering our real nature, a deep inner beingness that exists beyond time and space. Our true self is the divine spark within that connects to everyone and everything. It is the most beautiful aspect of humanity and we should seek it within ourselves and in others. We bring our true self forward when we are gentle and kind – even when we say no to someone.

We are our true self when we shed all ties to the past and worries about the future and instead bring forward the sensation that we truly exist in the moment. The most remarkable news is that we exist without effort – it is only a question if we allow ourselves to be aware that this is truly the case.

We can imagine our true self as a light emanating from our heart and when we manifest it, there is nothing in the world that can harm us. When we manifest it, we don’t need to seek perfection – we simply accept the current reality. Even though our mind wants to label our daily events as either “good” or “bad”, our true self knows that we only had an experience. We are all on an exciting journey through life to become aware of who we truly are. We are not our thoughts or emotions — they are only something we experience, so we don’t need to take anything personally.

Our true self always seeks to bring forgiveness to others when they are out of balance and or show aggression. Forgiveness becomes the same as accepting the past. When we forgive, we know that the light in our heart is aligned with the light in others. We see the light in others, and not their action, as the essentials of each individual, understanding that they only provided us with an experience and could never really do any harm to our true self.

We all have a false self that has been created in the past when we experienced pain that we could not deal with. Much of our path to manifest more and more of the true self is accomplished through transforming the false self. When we feel fear arising within that is imaginary due to the past pain we can harness it as a companion since it shows us the way forward to expand love into areas that have been devoid of love. The goal is to become intimate with the pain and the fear and let it dissolve into the light in our heart.

The glue that holds together all of existence is love, through the acceptance of all things. This encompasses the truth, compassion towards all beings, and that we never move alone but in synchronicity with the universe which we experience as oneness.

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Scientist Anders Nilsson has been active in academia all his adult life. And, for just as many years, has pursued an avid interest in spirituality. He has not followed any one spiritual school or tradition, nor has he studied with a guru, but instead listened to his internal voice or intuition to guide him. He has studied many ancient mystical traditions and the teachings from contemporary spiritual masters. s that have been folded together with his own life experience and inner voice into his own view of spirituality.

This blend of spiritual knowledge, when folded together with his scientific background, has formed a unique path to spiritual awakening that combines the mind and heart. Anders shares this path in his book, The Gentle Way of the Heart.

He is currently both a Professor at Stanford University at Stockholm University, and splits his time between Sweden and California. His research has focused on the the structure of liquid water and chemical energy transformations related to artificial photosynthesis. He has co-authored over 250 scientific papers in some of the most prominent journals such as Nature and Science. In June 2014, his paper on water was illustrated on the cover in Nature. In 2004 his work on water was selected by Science Magazine as one of the top ten scientific breakthroughs of the year. He appeared as one of the scientists in the episode about the oceans in the TV series Through the Wormhole by Morgan Freeman in June 2014.

For more information, please visit the website for The Gentle Way of the Heart

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  1. It is the absolute Truth!

    We all originate of the same source, you may it call God, Spirit, Divine Power, Cosmic Awareness, Universal Consciousness, in our core of our heart we are One.

    1. There is a divine energy in human beings, in all creatures, plants and also in the atoms of everything. The quality is the same, only the quantity is different in everything.
      This divine energy is a cosmic Intelligence, you may call it Godhead, – in other words the source of all of us.

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