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Ben Newman

We all inevitably face challenges in life. Situations that rock us to the core and challenge us to keep moving forward. I ask YOU the question, “If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you do for today?”

My mother’s death, 11 days before my eighth birthday, left a cavernous hole in my universe. Yet though my mother passed away all those years ago, not a single day goes by without the reminder that she helped me become the man that I am today. Her strength, her love, her work ethic and her legacy live on through me, through the family I have created, and through the work I do.

I have come to realize that she was demonstrating a very important truth. Our circumstances in life are much less significant than our responses to them.

My mother, as a result of how she chose to live everyday, has taught me to embrace adversity and recognize that our obstacles are our opportunity. My mother taught me the greatest life lesson I have ever learned: “It’s not how long you live, it’s how you choose to live your life.”

What challenges have you faced recently? What life obstacles have held you back? I know that I am not the only one with a story or the only individual impacted by adversity and challenge. Stare your fears in the face and have belief in your talents and ability to serve others. Fight to make a difference in the world even when challenged!

What is YOUR purpose? Your WHY?

Surrender to a purpose BIGGER than YOU and you won’t stop fighting. That is exactly what my mother did while amyloidosis attacked the muscles in her body. She embraced her challenge and lived each day to the fullest while treating each day like a gift.

Have tremendous vision for YOU and your future. Grab YOUR future and bring it to today. What are you willing to sacrifice everything for? What are you fighting for in your life? If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you do for today?

Each one of us is writing the story of our lives. Write your story with passion and conviction to LEAVE A LEGACY. Surrender to a purpose bigger than you and you won’t stop fighting. Embrace your challenges and strive to be your best every day in YOUR pursuit of greatness.

Go Do Great Things,

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Ben Newman is the founder of The Continued Fight & The Ben Newman Companies, he is an International Speaker, a 4-Time Author and also ranks among the Top 1% of Wealth Management professionals in the world.

His “Continued Fight” has a strong focus on helping people embrace adversity for their maximum performance.

Ben’s renowned Boot Camp’s, speaking, books, blogs and videos empower and inspire thousands of individuals each year to maximize results in their lives personally and professionally. Ben has a unique ability to connect with individuals to uncover the path to their legacy to make a greater difference in the world. Participants are able to uncover their true potential, ready to create the life they are meant to fight for and enjoy. Ready to take on THEIR relentless pursuit of greatness: Their Prizefighter Day!

Ben empowers audiences to embrace adversity in order to achieve success on their path to greatness. His clients have included:

• MARS Snackfoods
• The Minnesota Vikings
• Northwestern Mutual
• New York Life
• Mass Financial Group
• Boston Medical Center Australian Gold
• Boys & Girls Club of America-St. Croix
• AFA Singapore

As well as thousands of executives, entrepreneurs and sales teams from around the globe who attend his speeches and seminars.

As “The High Performance Sales Expert,” his authentic, powerful, and engaging presentations have become nationally recognized. Ben has shared the stage with Tony Dungy, Colin Powell, Jon Gordon, Dr. Jason Selk, Floyd Little, Aeneas Williams, Walt Jocketty, Tony LaRussa, Tom Hegna and other leaders and legends in the world.

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  1. “Grab your future and bring it to today.” I like that statement. We don’t know what tomorrow brings, or today for that matter. Make it count for something a bit more than routine tasks.
    Thanks for your reminder to fight for ourselves to make the world a better place.

  2. As somebody with learning disabilities, I have had my fair share of challenges over the years.

    What it has taught me is to ignore the naysayers -and I have had quite a few – and just keep on plugging.

  3. Thank you for the wisdom! Yes, we cannot control our life but we can control how we respond to it.

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