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Some of the things I would suggest are to work on your self-esteem, take care of your health, and to give to others.

Too many people have low self-esteem and it can impact all of us. People tend to behave in alignment with their self-concept or their beliefs about themselves and who they are. So here’s what I suggest: create a success self-concept for yourself. When you are the success you wish to be, based on how you define success, what would your behavior say is true of you in terms of your traits, qualities, and characteristics?

Would it say that you are kind, caring, honest, hardworking, accepting, patient, giving, trustworthy, fun, dependable, responsible, respectful, enthusiastic, forgiving, appreciative, inspiring, understanding, empathetic, attentive, cheerful, fair, friendly, polite, nurturing, loyal, positive, cooperative, loving, etc.?

Based on your behavior, what would people be saying about you behind your back? What do you want them to be saying about you?

Use your success self-concept to act as a beacon and guide for your choices, decisions, and actions. Staying true to this will contribute to feeling good about yourself and to continuing to engage in these same behaviors.

Positive self-esteem will also support choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. A key is to eat real food, period! If it’s processed and altered, stop eating it. Notice how your mind and body respond to what you eat. Does a food or drink drain your energy, does it make your thinking foggy, does it raise your pulse? If so, it’s telling you that it’s negative for your well-being.

When I have a taste of chips, pie, ice cream, cookies, french fries, or cheesecake, I crave more. Not want more, crave! These things are brilliantly manufactured to increase our appetite for them. When I eat an apple, pear, or grapefruit, it takes very little to satisfy me. Only have real foods available to you to satisfy your hunger, as well as filtered water.

And as you know, getting physical is essential to being healthy. Pick activities you enjoy, whether it’s walking, dancing, tennis, gardening, yoga, weightlifting, etc. The body is one of those “use it or lose it” situations.

Someone once said, “He who enriches others, enriches himself”. In my experience, one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to give to others, to be of service to others, to create a positive moment for others.

It can be as simple as a smile, a kind word, listening without judgment, offering to help with something, letting someone in front of you in line, sending useful information, or calling just to say hi. Be on the lookout for opportunities to make a positive difference for others to maintain a positive state of being for yourself.

To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, success is “to find the best in others; to leave the world a better place, … to know even one life has lived easier because you lived.”

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Ronald A. Kaufman is a seminar leader, executive coach, and author specializing in effective communication skills and goal setting.

For over 15 years, Ron has been conducting workshops on 11 topics including: "Presentation Skills," "Negotiation," "Media skills," "Job interviewing," "Goal Setting," "Time Management," and "Stress Management." His workshops are customized, fast-paced, upbeat, and very interactive, giving clients real-world tools and techniques they can begin using immediately. Some of Ron's clients include Microsoft, Sheraton Hotels, ITT, Nestle, Xerox, Dole Foods, Transamerica, Disney, Orange Coast College, IBM, Metropolitan Water District, Baxter Labs, and Texas Instruments.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Ron was involved in film production and product placement. He worked on over 700 films including E.T., Ghostbusters, and Rocky III,negotiating the placement of clients such as Budweiser, Cadillac, Frito Lay, Panasonic, and MasterCard.

Ron is also the author of the acclaimed book Anatomy of Success, which is based on his goal setting, communication skills, self-awareness, relationship compatibility, and motivation workshops.

Contributing to the community is an important part of Ron's work. He does volunteer programs for organizations such as the LA Port Intern Program, ESA, Girl Scouts, Chrysalis, LA Youth at Work, Forty Plus, CAEYC, and New Directions for Veterans. 

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