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Look into the mirror…

There are over seven billion people on this planet, but only one of you. You are a mathematical enigma. Take a look at your fingerprint, the one-of-a-kind pattern is whispering to you, reminding you that there is nothing that comes close to you on this planet. The chances of your ancestors meeting, your grandparents meeting, your parents meeting, and your conception and birth are so miraculous they may as well be impossible. If you have never believed in miracles, you have forgotten that you are a miracle!

Look up to the stars…

You are destined for greatness. The reason why you crave after greatness is because it is the very DNA that encodes the story of your life. Look to the stars and realize that you have been called to rise up and live that story. Think about what kind of footprints you are going to leave behind in this life. What ripples are going to be sent out as a result of your existence? Have you ever come across an incredible shopping coupon, only to be disappointed that it has already expired? That kind of despair is nothing compared to coming to the end of your life and realizing that you lived nowhere near the ability that you are capable of. You are destined for greatness- do not let that inner greatness expire without you spending all of it.

Look down at your shoes…

Whose shoes are you wearing? In a world filled with a cacophony of voices and opinions, it is easy to walk the path that has been laid by someone else. There is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing somebody else’s clothing. Do not let your feet become blistered because you have tried to run someone else’s race. Find your running shoes that enable you to run the race for which you have been called.

Look at your hands…

See your potential. Right now, the very fact that you are alive and breathing, and able to read these very words sets you apart from billions of people in the world. Do you realize how blessed you are? Leave behind the excuses and instead leave behind a legacy. David took down Goliath with the slingshot that he had in his hand. A young shepherd boy used what he had in his hands and made a mark in history. David did not have the best things, but he did the best with the things that he had. You may not have access to the greatest things in life, but ask yourself what are you doing with the things that you do have access to.

Look at the sunrise…

Embrace the beauty and possibility that is in every single day. The very darkest point of the night is just before the sun rises. You will fall, many many times. But there is nothing worse than staying down while the sun is rising, beckoning you to get back up, reminding you that victory is just around the corner.

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Thai Nguyen is the founder of, dedicated to inspiring millions of young professionals who feel stuck doing what they HAVE to do rather than what they WANT to do. Born in Vietnam, his family fled the country after the war on a boat. After making it to a refugee camp in Indonesia, his family settled in Australia. Thai has been a successful Chef at a 5-Star Hotel and a small café owner in Australia. A private chef at a Boutique Fine-Dining Establishment in Texas. An elite Athlete that has competed Internationally in Thailand, Canada, Singapore, Fiji, and Australia in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Rugby. He now travels, writes, and speaks for a living- driven and passionate about motivating people to live their dreams!

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