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There is no wrong, there never has been! There are those who know and then there are those who innocently don’t know. We all have a desire to define our divine design.

What is your heart’s desire? Have you come to terms with what you are here to accomplish for yourself? How can we make ourselves feel committed to accept every experience we have lived and more importantly know that every decision we have previously made was right at the time?

We all have a deep seated longing to know what our purpose in life is, to help us accept our pathway into the heavenly realms. We can do this while we are right here on the earth. Don’t wait until you die. Believing that tomorrow is a continuation of today keeps us on our toes, which keeps our hearts open to assist when asked by others.

When you have released the confidence in yourself, others will automatically become your own reflection! You are your own maker; remember the only person you have to answer to is yourself!

Make the most of each moment and know that you are living up to your own expectations of being completely satisfied. Satisfaction releases courage. Through believing in self, your courage to overcome anything that steps towards, you release a sense of freedom you have never known or felt before. All sounds good, doesn’t it?

So how does one become accountable to the self with each step of confidence?

The most important point to remember is that your life is in your hands, your responsibility lies only with you. There is not one other person who is in control of your mind! It is totally your responsibility for everything you say and do.

Begin by listening to your own thoughts – do they belong to you? Or are you too busy listening to your family or others?

The next thing for you to affirm to yourself is that, in your mind, you are the most important person on this planet. Don’t waste a moment! Enjoy the freedom of stepping out to enquire of your own intellect; you will be amazed at what it has to offer you. The more confidence you release from within, the more your truth will set you free.

I would like you to feel Lordly and Ladylike with self. You are here to complete an education of discovering this hidden God which is securely enveloped within the genes of every individual. You were born this way! Allow it to reign free, to create the miracles in your life that are way beyond your expectations.

Enter into the divine design, your space in the universe. Make your thoughts sparkle with light so that your reflection is seen right around the planet.

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O. M. Kelly, known as Omni to her students is an accomplished author and lecturer on Metaphysics, Philosophy and understanding the collective consciousness.

"From an early age my father and I shared many discussions regarding Einstein's Theories of Relativity. He challenged me to find out why God does not play dice with the Universe".

The cumulative years of personal research and dedication to her journey has lead to discoveries and initiations into the mathematical language of the unconscious mind, all compiled into a nine volume tutorial masterpiece. Omni has discovered that the Greek Myths, Egyptology and the Asian Principles all explained the same story throughout the ages in hidden language.

Since the late 90's Omni has been an invited guest to lecture throughout Europe. She has established a teaching academy in Germany, initiating thousands of students into their evolutionary step of intelligence, appeared on Television shows, Radio talk back programs, New Age Magazines and thousands of public appearances.

Prior to setting up residence on Queensland's Gold Coast, Australia, Omni spent many years travelling around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, lecturing on various subjects from Collective Consciousness, divination, symbolism, Shamanism, death and extra terrestrial intelligence. Her published works explains how we evolve into the unconscious mind. We come to realize the importance of our thoughts which become our soul's purpose.

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  1. Omni is the greatest teacher I have ever had and I thank her every day for the gift she has given me of understanding myself. I cannot imagine living this life without the valuable lessons she passes on to all who are willing to listen and search for themselves. Love Tzen

  2. Thank you for your kind words , my precious Tzen, It was my pleasure to explain this wonderful gift, we are all born with. Keep reaching for your stars!! We are all one…

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