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We do not follow a dream, it is the dream that follows us. It follows each and every one of us, much like a puppy dog. You can run away, you can ignore it, you can belittle it, but it is always there. The sooner you realize that you have to give it your attention, the sooner your life will fall into place.

Your dream is your destiny. There is no specific time or place for it to become a reality. The only requirement is that it has to happen. As long as you disregard, ignore or disobey your destiny, you will remain a seeker.

Sometimes we blame circumstances when our dreams are shattered and we lose our destiny. We ignore the best life coach… life itself. We forget that the stumbling blocks appearing in our path are necessities and that life is all about experiences.

How else can success be measured if we have not failed before? How can you talk about sadness or love if your soul has not at least once been drenched with it? How will you recognize these emotions when they come knocking on your door?

All emotions are necessary, one cannot exist without the other. Don’t judge or compare your past experiences with the present, as experience evolves to enrich your present life.These are your pearls. The trick is to collect more of the positive pearls than the negative ones from life.

Take these pearls, your dreams, and mix it with believing in the impossible, and you will have a magic life that will catapult you towards your destiny.

My father once told me that aliens were coming to plant grass in the whole of the Sahara desert. The red desert would change to green valleys as far as the eye could see. I could picture it. Of course it hasn’t happened yet…. but then my father didn’t tell me the exact date either. I guess what I am trying to say is that I have always believed that the impossible was possible. A huge mountain eye that winks at me, a vampire that only drinks carrot juice and people called the upside-down-ear people, can all be real, as long as you believe.

With firm belief in your one hand, your dream in your heart and your eyes on your destiny, the struggling blocks in your way will be overcome. It is almost as if the edge of life becomes softer as you push ahead. Belief will let you find new ways, destiny will be your golden pot under the rainbow, dreams will make you live, smile, and enjoy the road you have chosen to travel, for you are already living it.

On this road, don’t give time to the Sorrow Queens, Cannot Queens, Impossible Queens and the Negative Queens. This is a road where you can travel without limitations, soar like an eagle, play like a dolphin or stroll like an elephant.

The choice is yours.

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I have a son and daughter and two grand daughters age 15 and 7, and a spaniel named Maximus. With my hubby, we live in a small town called Fish Hoek, 5 minutes from the sea. I love the wind, the rain, sun and the beautiful scenery of the area. My travels include: Zambia, Zimbabwe, The Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Botswana, Germany, Holland, Argentina, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Mauritius, Barbados, Canada, Portugal, Mexico and England. I have traveled many times to the USA, visiting Orlando, Florida, Washington DC, New York City, Raleigh, North Carolina, Scottsdale, Arizona, Grand Rapids, Michigan and touring Alaska.

I finished my Matric and after that I studied as a PC programmer. Later I studied at the Pretoria technical college and qualified as a makeup artist for TV, opera, prosthesis, and cosmetic manufacturing. I then went on to study how to trade the foreign exchange market and developed an online study course which is still extensively used. The last five years I have involved myself in the art of writing.

Highlights of my life: Traveling in Alaska, landing on top of a snow covered mountain by helicopter and mushing with the amazing snow dogs. Salmon fishing on the great rivers, and canoeing at the foot of massive glaziers between drifting ice. Riding an elephant in the African bush, a highlight hard to beat.

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  1. I cannot even imagine a life not built on dreams. But then again, as an author, how could I not live by them? LOL. But I especially love this: “Take these pearls, your dreams, and mix it with believing in the impossible, and you will have a magic life that will catapult you towards your destiny.” Ah! Thank you, Martha!

  2. With firm belief in your one hand, your dream in your heart and your eyes on your destiny,
    This sentence is powerful. Thanks for the wonderful images you shared as well as the important reminders.

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