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Most of what I have learned in my few years here on this beautiful planet is to always keeps a positive attitude. Remember that when you are dealing with others.

Sometimes you might feel you are a recipient of a bad attitude, but what you have to remember is that while you may be really jovial, they may be facing some kind of problems in their life that is reflecting in their attitude. Remember that this has nothing to do with you. You are not the only one with problems and you should take into consideration other people and their problems. I have learned that because I am extremely sensitive. I usually have a very happy outlook on life and am always smiling and if someone doesn’t return that I would feel like it’s a reflection on me and that I did something wrong.

This also goes along with my career especially in regards to auditions. When you are auditioning and you feel you did well but don’t get offered the part, it has nothing to do with you. You may not fit with the requirement of what they are looking for. For example, you could simply be too tall, too short, blonde instead of brunette.

The thing is to always keep a positive attitude. Remember who you are, put in what you feel is proper dedication, be a good person, make a few mistakes, but on the whole, don’t feel you did something wrong or not up to par. Have faith in yourself, and you will be a happier person. Mostly your attitude will reflect on others.

I think it’s always good as a child to have a role model. When I was starting out and I wanted to be a dancer. My role model was Ginger Rogers. I saw all of her movies with Fred Astaire and I was just completely enthralled with the dancing and I learned from Astaire and Rogers. Although they had a natural talent to begin with, I learned from them that anything that is worth doing requires hard-work and dedication. All of those dance steps that seem so easily done were accomplished by several hours of rehearsal and dedication.

When you have a desire to do something it requires a lot of work and in the long run pays off. When I wanted to also be an actor, I was inspired by Barbara Stanwyck. She made everything look so easy, she was just magnificent. Again, it required a lifetime of dedication and work.

When you are inspired, it just gives great joy to life and keeps you going. I think in the long run I feel like my life isn’t over – every day I am filled with joy. Along with all of this, I just think I also am inspired by my faith and by that I mean not necessarily going to church, but my faith in God and human beings and love of life. I am inspired every day by that.

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A dancer from childhood, Joan forged a career in show business as an actress in the early days of television, where she made notable appearances on shows like the original Candid Camera and The Steve Allen Show. Dozens of television and film appearances later, including memorable stints on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, she’s still dedicated to all facets of her craft, having appeared in numerous stage productions, from the classics to modern comedies to her acclaimed solo shows (Leona,” about Leona Helmsley, and her autobiographical The Loves of My Life.)

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  1. Loved this. I am sensitive and have had felt terrible if I smiled at someone and they didn’t smile back. I will try to always think that they may be going through something in their life.
    Also, I play piano along with guitars and singers and I sometimes hope that I played everthing correctly even though people usually complement my playing.
    Will remember to have faith in myself.
    Thanks for your article.

  2. Very well said, Joan 😊👍! I totally agree with you. It’s always a blessing to have others have faith in you but it’s even more important to have faith in yourself.

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