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You and Life are One. The living, breathing Source of all Life, that most call God, Allah, Great Spirit, etc., is the same Love from which we are born. We mistake our identities as individuals when we forget who we are and where we come from. That light and life lives in each of us, yet is often covered over by the mind. However, even your mind and your thoughts are that Love, yet packaged in the experience of disconnection.

How about you? Are you experiencing disconnection from your true self? If you are, here is one easy way to remedy it.

Send your attention and your awareness on a mission to the inner chamber of your heart. It is an inner room where you meet your true self, your Divine self, and where you and God are one. In this space are the answers to all the questions you have.

Try it. You may feel like you’re making it up, but you’ll soon discover the reality of this journey. Take a moment and go inward into that space, as if you could walk into that door, closing it behind you. Meet that Divine Energy there. How do you experience that Divinity? What validation does that Divine Energy have for you? What questions do you want to ask of this Divine Wisdom? Are you willing to be your full self? Is there anything that this Divinity wants to tell you? When ready, thank this Energy, and leave the room, bringing your awareness and experience with you.

What did you discover? Take a moment to write it down to help integrate it.

Now for the next important thing:

Everything is Energy, literally. You may feel a little lighter or have a tingle in your body. That’s energy. Everything that you see, feel, touch, taste, smell… it’s all Energy. Look at your computer. Science now confirms what mystics have known. Every atom, molecule, particle, and subatomic particle are literally energy patterns of vibration. And you interact with this energy in every day and every moment, for life!

There are many miracles that are happening all the time, but you aren’t aware of most of them. Here’s some perspective: Your brain is processing 400,000,000,000 bits of information every second. Your brain sifts out all but 2000 of them every second. Do you think there’s a lot more going on here than you initially thought? You bet there is!

You are also interconnected within a literal energy web of life. Unfortunately, most people don’t experience it. Most feel disconnected, disillusioned, and depressed. Why? We aren’t consciously aware of, and LIVING, the truth.

The same light that lives in me, lives in you. Yet, it is expressed uniquely. But it yearns to be liberated in all of us and lived! Call it Love. Call it Life Force. Call it Divinity. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or aren’t. It is universal. As Gandhi said, “God is Love”. As Jesus said, “We are all God’s children.” We are all children of Love at our core.

Don’t be afraid to express it. I’ve learned that no matter what the circumstances in life, Love, Source, God, Spirit, etc. is the Light to Let Shine. It is your Divine nature. It is who you are at your core… yet expressed uniquely as You! Let today be the day you break free and be yourself!

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Kristin Morelli, a self taught intuitive, retired as a self-made multi-millionaire and single mom at age 30.  She came our of retirement for one reason…to be part of the Energy Revolution as she helps people create Lives of Truth, Authenticity, and Aliveness!

David Morelli is a Transformational Healer, Teacher, and Intuitive.  If there were a Ph.D. for the ability to see, read, and heal energy, David would have one.  An expert in personal transformation, he shares wisdom and laughter with hundreds of thousands.

Together, they are the hosts of the Everything Is Energy Radio Show, #3 on iTunes behind Oprah with over 200,000 subscribers in only 9 months.  They also create life-changing coaching programs for people to unearth deeply entrenched subconscious beliefs and finally be break-free from their limitations related to Happiness, Wealth, and Personal Freedom.  You can find more information at

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