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Sing a song of gratitude, every day, to remind yourself daily how to be thankful. Remember that the Universe loves you. The Universe loves me. Love is within, without, and all around us. Love is in every being, every object, every thing.

Remember the magic of life that is in life. Play with the faeries and angels and animal spirits. Let them be your helpers.

Thank your ancestors and all those who have come before us, for the lessons that they teach us and the help that they have given us, so that we can be here now.

Smile. It releases endorphins, makes you prettier and makes you happier.

Know that we are all particles of love in the luminous Universe and that we are all interconnected. So that if you hurt another you are really hurting yourself. If you harm the Earth, you are harming the land that supports you and nourishes you.

Learn to be conscious, open your hearts, and let the dross of negativity drop by the wayside so that you can transform your thoughts into the positive. Be open to Spirit. And if you feel like you have veered off the path, return to your heart center, breathe in and listen to the breaths around you.

Live in Nature, with Nature, because we are Nature. That is the mystery. We are to be stewards of the land. This is a big job. Trust in your abilities. But if you forget how to behave towards Nature, listen to the whales or ask the rocks to remind you. The land is on loan to us. Pass down the beauty and wonder of this gift to the next generation. If we protect Nature, she will support us.

Focus on your healing and health, for self, family, and community. If we all are engaged in the beauty of Spirit we can dream a new world into being.

Remember that if you have a heart connection with another and you are mean to that person, you are harming your own heart. If we heal our own heart and keep love within it, then we can heal our families’ hearts. If our families’ hearts are healed, then we can heal our communities. If our communities are healed, then we heal the Earth.

Live in love, with love, as we are love. Remember the light that we came from and let it guide you on your path. Strive to be your authentic self. We each have special attributes to give to the world. Honor yours and honor each others’ uniqueness. Walk your road with impeccability and integrity.

I am sending you blessings and love, peace and light. Sat nam.

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Katherine Boyer, M.A., is an author, speaker, and shamanic practitioner. Her master’s degree is in counseling psychology from Lewis and Clark College, with a bachelor’s degree from Wellesley College. She is versed in the methodology of ACOA, and has studied spiritual traditions ranging from Lakota Sioux sweat lodges to kundalini yoga. Yet mostly she has learned much within the context of family, being a parent, daughter, wife, sister, grandmother, an elder. Ms. Boyer is a householder. A householder is one who holds space in the home for the family. A family can be one individual or many, who are connected by blood or love, who live together. The family has been her center. Within the center of her family she has been clearing her own auric family energy field, so that any old, unneeded thought forms are not passed down to her children or onto the next generation.

Katherine has lived within the circle of a family, raising four children with her husband, now watching grandchildren grow. Although she has held various jobs and counseled individuals and couples, her main duties have always been as a householder: teaching, nurturing, enlightening the next generation.

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  1. Simple but profound knowledge! When life gets complex, entangled or difficult, this passage from Ms. Boyer can return one to the basic foundation in life for re-balancing.

  2. Kate, this was so clearly stated and all encompassing from the many modalities of our healing journeys. I shared with our meditation group. Your book is an inspiration!

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