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You are an eternal being of light and love. You are a child of God and abundance is your inheritance. You are at a deep level one with the whole universe and therefore everything you need already exists within you. Everything!

Imagine tapping into that knowledge every morning allowing yourself to start the day being filled with an abundance of happiness, enthusiasm and life-energy. And then use the day in such a way that you focus this inner energy into allowing your dreams to make the journey from being just an idea to becoming actual manifestation in your present life.

This is actually what you were born to do! You are meant to make all your dreams come true – by supercharging them with life-energy – and then focus this energy in such a way that you are able to bring your Soul’s dreams into being.

You are meant to live a life where you are able to be a channel for all your Soul’s unique gifts, and use these to help create a better world. These gifts do not belong to you; they are meant to come through you, enriching the lives of those around you. Your Soul is constantly whispering to you what these gifts are, and it does so through your passions, your hopes and your dreams. 
And when you use the inbuilt Divine Intelligence that is present in all of life to actually work with you, you allow life’s own natural formula for manifestation to help you. Life is always creating, constantly changing, artistically expressing itself anew; and it is an expert in knowing how to manifest, because all manifestation takes place here in life.

Within life there is also an abundance of possibilities, just waiting to be tapped into, possibilities that form the ingredients of the creation of your dreams. These possibilities are always there – you just have to remove that which blocks you from connecting with them – and once the blocks are removed, your dreams manifests miraculousy in your life.

One such common block is that we drain ourselves of energy through allowing ourselves to focus on negative thoughts. Fortunately, positive thoughts give us much more energy than negative thoughts drain us of energy, just like a candle will always light up the darkness. So, just by consciously focusing on positive thoughts we are able to supercharge our dreams into being.

Have faith and trust that Life longs to creatively express itself to its fullest – also through you. Life wants you to manifest your dreams, because as you do Life again gets a chance to express itself anew. You are one of Life’s artists and you are meant to create a masterpiece of your life. Trust that Life loves you and is on your side! Have faith and tune into the guidance coming from your Soul, and in doing so you connect with the most amazing Divine GPS ever that knows how you can give your dreams to the world.

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Cissi Williams has been immersed in personal and spiritual development since 1992, and this has led her to study a variety of subjects, such as Osteopathy, Naturopathy, NLP, Shamanism, Healing, Hypnosis, Intuitive Coaching and Meditation. She is a fully qualified Osteopath and Naturopath (British College of Osteopathic Medicine) and NLP Trainer (The NLP Academy). She offers training in Transformational Soul Coaching, NLP and Break-Through Coaching, as well as running personal and spiritual development courses and webinars. Her passion is to help others connect with their Souls wisdom, as she believes it is our Soul that can administer the Spiritual Medicine we need to heal anything in our lives. She treats patients and clients, and regularly lectures and holds seminars in Sweden and internationally.

Together with her husband, she founded the Swedish national magazine Inspire – A Body, Mind and Spirit Guide to Well-Being with the intention of inspiring others to connect with their own inner healing power and innate well-being, enabling a deep healing of body and mind. She is passionate about sharing with others the tools for tuning in to our Soul’s guidance, enabling us to heal ourselves and fulfil our dreams.
She has written the books Transformational NLP: The spiritual approach to harnessing the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Watkins Publishing) and Spiritual Medicine – 7 Spiritual Potions to Heal Your Life (O-Books). She has also recorded several meditations.

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