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I would share the things I know to be true.

  • Any ‘negative’ circumstances of your birth are just the backdrop setting the stage for the inspirational ending to your life story.
  • No matter how wonderful your upbringing, you must continually seek wisdom to master all of the lessons necessary to lead a victorious life.
  • You owe your parents for the gift of life, but what you make of it is entirely up to you.
  • We are all more alike than we are different; look for commonality to touch the hearts of others.
  • We must cultivate the wisdom and the discipline to use adversity to develop our inner strength.
  • Suffering and death are the great equalizers; no matter one’s status none of us can escape either of them.
  • The only worthwhile comparison one should engage in, is who I am today versus whom I am determined to become tomorrow.
  • It takes great strength to be vulnerable.
  • There is only one path to confidence and it is lined with roadblocks you must break through.
  • Guilt and blame enslave; responsibility liberates.
  • When you are loving you are never losing. If you don’t believe me, just observe someone who doesn’t know how.
  • Grudge doesn’t discriminate – it blocks hurt as well as joy.
  • You can exchange self-limiting beliefs just like anything else for something that fits you better.
  • You can extract good fortune from misfortune if you do not let grief consume your ability to be objective.
  • Ignorance is a plague killing more people than disease or natural disasters.
  • There are Universal Laws that anyone can learn and follow to become a master of life.
  • One should never confuse friendship with enabling.
  • Cynicism is an inappropriate response to life.
  • We suffer when we do not understand how life works; living consciously in rhythm with all that is life-affirming starts the journey of healing.
  • Feeding our spiritual body is every bit as necessary as feeding our physical bodies in order to feel complete.
  • Pursuing romantic love should not be our goal but rather the goal should be those the qualities necessary to attract and maintain enduring love.
  • Stress is a sure-fire indicator of a need to deepen one’s faith.
  • There is junk food for the spirit as well as the body; we should limit our intake of both in order to be healthy and happy.
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Born in Jersey City and a graduate of Seton Hall University, Cassandra has worked in the legal and Information Technology industries as an employee and entrepreneur. Having suffered through a turbulent relationship within her single parent household, in the early 2000s Cassandra was estranged from family and severely depressed from a sudden, traumatic romantic breakup. Vacillating between thoughts of suicide and revenge, Cassandra went on the Web to research how to increase her intuition as a defense mechanism.

It was then that she came across the Buddhist concept of The Ten Worlds. It was the best explanation of human behavior she had ever encountered. In time she came to realize wisdom was the healing balm she needed. No longer a victim, she seems life’s obstacles as a great source of benefit.

Empowered by this new core philosophy Cassandra has set out to help others understand the power that exists in their life for healing and transformation one life at a time. Cassandra has published How to Go from BooHoo to WooHoo in 90 Days, and launched a public speaking career with a vengeance. In her mind there is nothing sadder than suffering because of a lack of wisdom. She is also a member of the Soka Gakkai (Value Creation Society) International, a United Nations non-governmental organization where she works on community

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