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This moment, right now, is all that you can truly know. Regardless of what you may have done in your past, or the fears that you may have of the future, give thanks that you are here now.

You are beautiful and deserve to know the gift that you are to the world. Honor the mistakes you have made, for everyone makes them, but seek the lessons that they may have to teach you.

There is only one you. No matter how many people you compare yourself to, or how much you try to please others, no one can ever be who you are, as you can never be who they are. Honor the path that you have traveled, be proud of who you are in this moment, and give thanks for the opportunity to have another day.

Life will not be easy, you will be hurt, you will lose loved ones, your finances, relationships, jobs, living arrangements, and physical appearance will all change. No matter what may occur in your life, good or bad, know that it is a part of the greater good in why you are here.

We are all created in our own perfection, just as we are. We are not the same, and will never be. My truth is not yours as yours is not mine. Stand firm in your convictions but respect the convictions of others. Learn to appreciate the difference of others, and value what they may have to teach you about yourself.

If you have a dream, pursue it, for a dream is just a dream if it’s not pursued. You are worthy of greatness but it can only be achieved by taking action to reach it. Never let anyone tell you that “you can’t do it.”

Be pure in your intentions. Do good deeds because it is what feels right for you, not because it’s what society expects you to do.

Do the things that you are passionate about.

Tell your friends and family that you love them, often.

Spend time with nature.

Forgive those that have hurt you, but first learn to forgive yourself.

Be kind to yourself as well as others.

Above all, ask yourself what you would want to hear, or what you would share with others if this were your last day.

On this day, and the next, may you see the perfection in who you are, and may the spirit of life fill your heart with peace and joy.

You are valued!

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Ricky Roberts III is the author of four books, YOU, What Really Matters, Where Did the Gift Go, and Awakening the New You: A Path to Transformation. He is also a monthly columnist for Transformation Magazine, youth advocate, speaker and visionary. Roberts believes that everyone matters and deserves to know it. This belief inspired him to create YOU ARE VALUED, a nonprofit organization that creates positive change one heart at a time. The vision of YAV is a world where everyone sees the value in who they are and appreciates the same in others. Roberts has had the privilege to connect with 1000’s of youth and adults in a wide variety of settings from maximum-security detention centers to parent and adult groups to middle and high school classrooms.

As a young person Roberts witnessed abuse on many levels between his mother and father, which impacted his perception of love and his self worth for many of his teenage years. After being stabbed nine times at the age of 17, Roberts let go of his role as a victim and began asking how he can use what he has experienced to impact others in a positive way. Roberts takes everything he has learned not only from his own healing process but those he has had the honor to help in theirs and fuses it into his continued effort to best understand how he may be of service to others.

Today, Ricky inspires through his writings, speaking engagements, workshops, youth outreach, volunteer work, efforts with the YOU ARE VALUED movement and his interaction with others in his daily living. He is dedicated to reaching people in a positive way wherever he may be. For more information, please visit and

Ricky resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For more information, please visit

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