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The body, brain, emotions, thoughts, and surroundings are the playground of energy in our lives. Our playground is often cluttered with non-essential toys and gadgets, words, beliefs, patterns, programs, attitudes, and is often overgrown with these weeds.

Because of this, our energy playground needs to be cleared regularly, so that energy is flowing and abundant for the ultimate benefit of the human form.

This playground of energy is usually only taken into consideration if or when something is breaking down or not working. By ignoring our energy until there is pain, loss, breakdown, etc., we are ignoring the fabric of our existence. The human existence is dependent on energy and we have become too adept at depleting and wasting that energy.

We have become lethargic about asking more questions and just accepting what is told to us as complete and accurate fact. By learning how to identify and question and gain proper use of energy in and around the body, we can become super-human.

The energy of wisdom lies in each of our cells and remains dormant until there’s a major outbreak or challenge. Then the brain begins searching and often finds a few nuggets but then more often than not again goes back to sleep. We need to stay in the awake mode and allow ourselves to become seekers of higher thought and not succumb to the energy of static immobility.

As we learn more about our energy and how to keep it, increase it, heal it, and respect it, we become more resonant to our highest good. We become congruent. It becomes easier to truly be what we know we have always longed for or wished for.

Language is the most powerful and easiest energy that we can shift. We use language in our world with carelessness and haven’t learned enough about the importance of our words and the energy that is behind, in, and around each word. This lack of clarity and improper use gets us into a lot of unnecessary difficulty.

By learning about energy and the subtle aspects of the deep impact of such energy and how that applies to words we can then truly become masters of our own universes.

In order to play out possibility, you must examine what comes out of your mouth. Most people talk just to fill the space and then others talk because they are nervous. Editing before speaking is power in the purest form. Take three words out of your vocabulary. These words are so challenging for me to write and when I teach, I never write the full word out. For the sake of clarity and the benefit of all, these words are h-a-t-e, k-i-l-l, and c-a-n’-t.

Just take those three words and get rid of them from your vocabulary. Then after you have made the shift, get rid of them from your family’s vocabulary. You will begin to notice how often people use them and how they seem to permeate every conversation. You will begin to notice other limiting and destructive words.

Without them, your inner voice will begin to shift to one of possibility and ease. As you take this challenge, you will become more in tune with the upward flow of life force and flow!

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Sheevaun Moran is an transformational speaker, nutritional expert, creator of innovative energy technology for limitless thinking, she is the author to several books and over a dozen holistic healing and meditation CDs . Her articles have appeared in Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles times, Conscious Living, Alternative Medicine. Sheevaun has been featured on CBS2, KCAL9, HBTV, PBS to name a few. Her blog and radio show are not to be missed.

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