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Anna Cuevas

What would you do if you came face to face with death and then received a miracle?

Miracles often make themselves known when we face life’s challenges. Life is a journey. Sometimes it’s fast and exciting; at other times, it can be trying and painful. It is through the hard times that we grow and realize the people and causes that bring us the greatest fulfillment. It is during these times that we have an opportunity to see our life through a different lens, one that brings us closer to our true purpose and reveals different perspectives and priorities.

I carry the conviction that even through life’s most painful moments and extremely difficult seasons (and we all have them), it is possible to emerge stronger and wiser. By witnessing miracles, both in my life and the lives of others, I’ve developed a “knowing” and a desire to share them with the world, even though others may not accept them. By facing the mirror and learning to accept my purpose, I am now free to show my light and help others to shine theirs.

During difficult stages and life transitions, it may be natural to feel pity, sorrow, or uncertainty. However, don’t let this opportunity pass by without seeking its benefit. Every challenge has an opportunity for triumph. We should not view unfortunate times as setbacks, but rather as possibilities to step back and re-examine the status quo.

This may be a time where your relationships are tested. As a result, they can be strengthened. You may question your passion and purpose, or even find that the things you once thought mattered really don’t matter at all.

Difficult times are an opportunity to change. They bring to light our insecurities, faults, and regrets. In turn, they provide us with a chance to create a life that’s more fulfilling, one where we can clearly see that all of our actions have consequences, which have a ripple effect on others.

It is up to us to create the life we’ve always wanted … one without regret for the things we haven’t done or wish we had done differently or better.

You don’t have to face death to live life to its fullest. Begin to appreciate every moment with the people you love. Be present in your relationships and give unselfishly and wholeheartedly toward them. Be an active participant in your marriage and the lives of your children.

Make the most of every single experience, for it may never come again. Form a relationship with God, seeking, praying, and communing with Him, for He will never forsake you. Know that there is greatness within you and embrace it without abandon.

Above all, don’t wait until life is nearing its end to allow yourself to live. Throw out the alcohol, the doubt, the worry, the naysayers, and give yourself to God so you can fully enjoy the life He intended for you. Then, pay it forward and be the inspiration you seek in others.

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Anna equips people with the educational fortitude to climb out of the victim trap, and in doing so, has become a trusted advocate for advocates. With consumer strategy training, she endorses people to be their own best advocate. Her gift in helping others has garnered rave reviews echoing the same words over and over again: “Thank you so much. I didn’t know I could fight back.”

She is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, contributor for Ezine and Articlesbase, founder of Ask, featured in FUSEing Families Magazine, and is seen on the online TV show Main Street Marketing Machine and featured on Univision's Despierta San Diego as well as KFWB Radio, Los Angeles' Money 101 show. Anna is author of the #1 bestseller, Save Your Home: Without Losing Your Mind or Your Money, and co-author of the book Fight for Your Dreams with Les Brown.

Her slogan, “Expect only miracles and question authority,” has become a mantra for thousands coast to coast. Her wisdom provides the guidance necessary to reverse the powerlessness many experience when facing personal and financial crisis. Caped and soaring high, Anna’s mission is to inspire and transform others into proud crusaders with the knowledge and strength to become their own superhero.

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