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When I conceive the thoughts of humanity and the humbleness that it inspires, I remember that one’s journey is not limited to definition alone. We are each unique but interconnected within our own vibrational energies. I wish to share that what does not matter are the definitions and/or labels of one’s self.

What I would wish to leave behind as a remembrance to others, my own family and children is not only that of love and what it is to love but that abundance is in everything, every nook, every cranny, and everywhere.

To know that being happy is a matter of choice and how we intrinsically move towards that is to essentially look inward but also, outward. To achieve this profoundly is not to compare oneself to another but to remember the smaller details in life. Start here: That by and of itself, look towards nature and all that it holds.

To find peace fundamentally is to look towards the beauty and serenity of the intrinsic out of doors. To remember that in nature the birds do not worry if there will be enough air to fly, the fields do not worry if enough sunshine will be available, the grass does not count how many more blades there are or are they in completion with one another and nor do the animals worry where they will love next.

Humans tend to put much emphasis upon what nature shows us how to do exquisitely. Be nature. The trees do not count their leaves, but humans count our investments and bank accounts often. By trust and by faith does nature do this in symmetry and seemingly by grace alone. Nature does not show worry. It does not show greed. It does not wonder if it is ‘good enough’ or ‘not good enough’.

It simply IS.

By acknowledging that there is greatness and goodness everywhere when it all feels as though it is not, if one were to look and to recognize that Spirit is abounding for us ALL, loving and peaceful, and that no matter, we are being truly being guided, taken care of and cannot truly make a mistake is not only a great faith in Creator, but ourselves and our own Being.

Know this if anything: That we are not ever truly alone, that our pasts are only but haunted houses from whence the ghosts’ spring forth. Remember to move forward is to take a great leap of faith in yourself and have faith of knowing that yes, solace is truly available. Love is all around us, though we hesitate and not see. My core essence is in knowing that Spirit is plenteous.

What I desire to share is to be the person in which you need most in your life. Share and assist in understanding overflowing unity in all concepts. That unity is everywhere. What I share is that there are no errors in life, only choices and expansion. Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s new strengths. The rest is but vibrations to learn from.

What matters most? Simple: You. You do. Within yourself — You’re perfect.

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Meichelle lives in Northeastern Ohio and is an accomplished, Certified Spiritual Medium, Healer and Teacher/Lecturer whose deep compassion touches the hearts and lives of very many. She is also an Ordained Minister, a Spiritual Counselor, a Reiki Master, a Dream Interpreter. and a Gifted and Compassionate Professional Clairvoyant and Psychic Intuitive.

Meichelle also holds an Honorary PHD in Metaphysical Sciences from The Institute of Divine Philosophical Science of Florida. Meichelle's gifts sprang from early childhood and she is known as a natural Psychic/Medium. Meichelle feels very honored as she enjoys helping those who are seeking communication from a loved one whom has passed or those who are deeply in need of help in Spiritual or Life matters.

She also has the ability to hear and feel Spirit Guides and Angels. As an Empath she has the ability to perceive and experience the emotional and physical feelings of another. Meichelle uses Clairsentience or Intuition, in the form of emotional input in her Intuitive Energy Readings to help her clients and give them a greater understanding of their growth and destinies. Her wide experience in Metaphysical Sciences gives her a greater understanding of the human condition and helps her to help others in all area's and avenues of personal growth and understanding.

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  1. I enjoyed this immensely – I found the writing to be curiously antiquated, and from me that’s a compliment. Charming, and an honorable dedication to spirit. I hope to read more from Meichelle, and thank you for this lovely start to the day.

  2. Thank you so much M. Catlett 🙂

    There is perfection in everything, every where. Most do not see nor understand the simplicity. Humans tend to make things far too difficult. Everyone is indeed perfect in and of their own true natures. When we break it down it is not that difficult. We all tend to get so caught up in our lives, not seeing what truly matters. Let me further share: Selfishness is not a bad word. In order to help others, one needs to be helpful to themselves first. The word selfish begets the thoughts of self centered and self seeking. Some which also can be thought of negatively. We need to be self centered and self seeking in order to gain further knowledge of our True Self’s/Awareness. It is the language that is in error. The definition of the word. Real Self Awareness and Real Truth are not in error, there are no errors but only expansion, expression and experience. The rest stands in front of us like a locked door, in order to open the door, we need the key. The key is not hidden from us, but we fail to find it. Its right in front of our faces if one should look.

  3. Thankyou Meichelle for the inspiring life is about learning from yesterday, living spiritual today, because I know who I am, by working on myself. With the hope of tommorow. I used self centerness in a bad way for to lond. The past 5yrs I started looking in myself, and was discussed who I was. It took alot of work to be a man of hope, and love today. I still loik in, to see how in acting, and behaving, to myself, and humanity. I do have faith in the creator, which gives me faith in myself.
    Im more aware of my suroundings, and more aware of myself.
    See Miechelle, your words inspired me to write all these words. So I Thankyou fore the inspiration.

    1. Creator always gives us what we expect and what we focus on the most.. I see Patrick that you have indeed come far, never doubt yourself, the things we’ve undergone in our past have only made us what we are today. Forever moving forward our past, like most everything, does not define us. Learn acceptance of what is, and understand that at any given moment we can choose to change our surroundings, our thoughts and our situations. It’s not that complicated <3 You're Perfect <3

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