We find ourselves created out of love or for love, slipping though the chambers of our mothers’ womb… into the birth canal… and all of a sudden, we arrive.

We don’t know exactly where we are or where we are going but certainly we need affection and love to survive. Love becomes just as important to us as our first breath of life.

Love helps us to discover who we are and what our purpose is or shall be.

Love gives of itself and is not puffed up. Love covers and carries us through pain and disappointments in our life.

Love is an emotion imparted unto us the moment we become a living soul. Rather good, bad or ugly we long for it, we seek after it. It is a passion like no other.

Love causes us to make commitments like, I willI doI shall. Because of this emotion called love, we find ourselves being put into situations and circumstances that will hurt or even destroy us. Love affects our present, past and future. Love is an emotion a gift given to us from God and it should never ever hurt.

I wrote these words after coming out of a turbulent marriage. When I found myself alone again after 19 years, I had to reevaluate where I was at that particular time in my life and take ownership of the situation.

Yes, we have all done things in the name of love. These things have broken our heart and distracted us from our true destiny. Love does hurt, I know, but, I say to you that whatever you’re going through right now is not all there is. You can rebuild, restructure and reposition your life for greatness.

Greatness is a choice and we must choose it to survive the opposition. The greater one lies within you. You have the power to change your circumstances, with the help of God. Do not lose FAITH!

Continue to dream, because by dreaming it will allow you to embrace a larger vision of yourself. I promise you that if you will do this for yourself, “the best is yet to come.”

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Dr. Valorie N. Parker, PHD in S.W. Studies, is a Life Coach, the author for four books, and a radio host. Valorie is the President and CEO of Arise by VNP and Associates, Inc., specializes in creating and producing advertising medium, publicizing and projecting a positive image for each of her very distinctive clients. She and her staff present the very best the industry has to offer to achieve successful results!

Valorie is a captivating speaker in her own right, with a pertinent message of turning her painful nineteen year abusive marriage into a powerful experience that allows her to encourage and enrich the lives of everyone she encounters. Valorie developed the Soul of the Woman Series, which includes the CD From Pain to Power  and the books From The Soul of a Woman: Love Shouldn’t Hurt; Unveiling Secrets from the Heart, Forgiving Your Past to Free Your Future; and Restored Vessels, Young Adults Overcoming Adversities.

Valorie is also the President and CEO of The Soul of a Woman Foundation, Inc. The foundation was developed to raise awareness to the needs of women and children living in abusive homes, providing housing, financial assistance, career development, and other urban and social justice issues facing local and national communities.

For more information, please visit fromthesoulofawoman.com

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  1. I love me, which in turn, love you. I do believe in God, and have been hurt, to the point of, I want to die. That’s when I pick myself up, build a wall around my heart, and move forward in my life. Had to work on my thinking about my emotions, and love. Once I was under control and kept looking in, I was able to find, that I loved myself. That’s when I started to love humanity. So Varlorie,I can say, I LOVE YOU.
    Thank you for this inspirational words of emotions

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