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It is a very rare privilege to be able to share two modest insights on life with an audience such as you. I am most grateful for this opportunity.

At one period in my life, I seemed to be right on the top of things: A successful trainer and writer, a comfortable income, exceptional health, a marriage given in example by all and a spiritual path of 40 years standing.

And then in the space of a few months, everything came crashing down: my fabulous marriage; I faced the greatest health challenge of my life (with very dire medical predictions); my workshops and hence my income; and finally my spiritual path which fell to pieces. One or two would have been bad enough, but all five at the same time … I really felt “in the valley of the shadow of death” wondering how, if ever, I would get out one day. It was really utter, total, sheer hell.

Two statements kept me going. One by a little known American metaphysician (and an incredible healer) of the 19th century, Mary Baker Eddy, “A deep sincerity is sure of success, for God takes care of it.” Never one second did I doubt my sincerity. I had made some major mistakes, especially on my spiritual path and my marriage, but there was never any malice. I was at every moment at my highest level of consciousness (which evidently was not very high during that time!) If I could have been higher, I would have been. And I believe this is true of every single human being, even the most appalling dictators. (And if one truly understands this, one can no longer ever judge).

The second insight was in four simple words, but what packed dynamite: “You can always love.” Whatever you are going through, however unbearable your present tsunami, whatever the injustice, the cruelty of seemingly intractable conditions, the feelings of depression or anger or (at times) utter hopelessness, you can always, always, always love.

So I held on by the skin of my teeth. And little by little the veil lifted, the calm was restored, life started smiling again. My depressed “no” became a grateful YES. And above all, I acquired the deep inner conviction that love IS the ultimate solution, not only to personal problems, but to world issues.

And of course, this love includes oneself! As a trainer of 24 years running workshops on personal development in different countries, I have acquired the deep conviction that authentic self-love is one of the most crying psychological needs of our world.

An important footnote to the realization. “I can always love” is the realization that, from a non-dual perspective of a spirituality of the oneness of all things, if we are truly rooted in a clear consciousness of our divine nature, we cannot not love, because we are divine Love expressing itself.


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Pierre spent his first years in London during the last war, then came to Switzerland where he studied sociology in Geneva . He holds a doctorate in sociology from Sorbonne University. After a brief stint at the United Nations he worked in Algeria and later for the American Friend’s Service Committee in Africa, introducing family planning to the public. He founded what became a pioneering grass roots educational magazine on development which in the seventies played a major role in the whole of French-speaking Africa, returning in the eighties to his native Switzerland. For the past 20 years he has been writing (15 books published in as many languages). His best known book en English, The Gentle Art of Blessing, is published in seven languages. Pierre also runs his own workshops on personal development and spirituality. His 50 year career spanned sociological field research, public education and journalism, program director and international consultant, with travels or work in over 40 countries of the five continents. He is a true world citizen who for many years has been striving for a world that works for all. His new book, 365 Blessings to Heal Myself  and the World, with a Foreword by Ervin Laszlo,  was recently published by O Books,  John Hunt  John Hunt Publishing  and has received excellent reviews.


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  1. Pierre, this message was very helpful for a business situation I’m working on today. Thank you, Shannon (you may not remember me but Taylor and I stayed with you over a weekend many years ago and have thought of you often in the years since).

  2. Pierre, Your perspective is, and must be, a command to all who desire not just dreamy visions, but real healing and peace. Thank you for your strong clarity, your highest sense of good, and your willingness to share it. We are all so blessed by you. Annie

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