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Erin is a national speaker and organizational expert on leadership and living joyfully. She has been a leader in the non-profit sector serving children and families for the past 23 years. She is the mother of 4, has 3 dogs, a cat and is an avid reader. She has a degree in Child Development and Psychology, California State University at Sacramento and a Master of Science in Public Service Administration, University of Evansville.

Erin started her own company, Inspiration and Alignment, in 2010 to empower women to believe in their destiny for greatness. Her cornerstones are to practice courage, create joy, live in gratitude and be compassionate. Erin is known for her contagious laugh and her powerful presence both on and off stage.

Erin has a unique gift for public speaking. She is able to actively engage her audiences through genuine messages of professionalism, leadership and strategies for future success. Her mixture of personal stories and proven practices allows the messages to become relevant and applicable for each audience member. Erin is funny, compassionate, enthusiastic, and authentic; all a perfect combination for powerful and moving engagements. Her message is universal: success starts within and is possible for everyone.

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