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Discover the inner strength and courage to overcome grief, loss, phobias and trauma. Unwavering Strength: Stories to Inspire You through Challenging Times is the first in a series of highly inspiring books by Judy O’Beirn and friends. It is a moving collection of inspirational stories from 32 gifted authors, including Daniel Parmeggiani, Jeanne Henning, and Dr. Terry A. Gordon. New York Times bestseller author Peggy McColl’s moving foreword beautifully establishes the tone for the stories that follow.

Unwavering Strength shares real-life experiences that will help you find strength and comfort in the journeys others have taken through grief, loss, trauma and heartache. As you read this book, you’ll realize we are defined by our ability to rise up from our lowest points and reach into our hidden potential for incredible growth, love and compassion. A percentage of the proceeds from Unwavering Strength book sales are being donated to cancer recovery programs.

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Judy O’Beirn has spent the last 7 years helping hundreds of authors become bestsellers in her role as president of Hasmark Services. More recently she has become an author and creator of a book of short stories, Unwavering Strength. She decided to write the book when her husband, Gerry, became ill with cancer and ultimately passed away from the disease in 2012, to help her channel her grief. In the two previous years before she lost him, she lost her mother, two sister-in-laws, her dog, and her daughters’ best friend all to the disease, and a brother years before that. Her goal of this book is to help others deal with loss in their lives. She has organized two golf tournaments to raise money for families affected by cancer and is currently planning the next one.

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  1. Thanks be to God the Almighty Father in Heaven for having made you so strong in the unbelievable yet real situations of
    distress that you went through.
    I greatly believe you Life stories will change my life and to those that I will share them with…
    Thanks once again.

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