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“I need to learn time management, for I always seem to be running late and out of time. How can I bring peace into my world?” ~ Alden, Ashland, AL

Dear Alden,

So much to do, but life is calling! One unconventional, but surprisingly effective solution that helps me get things done is procrastination.

I know that sounds odd, but it is actually a useful method!

Start one task, whatever seems important, and soon, another job will pop up. Go and do it right away, as that is where your brain is ready to focus.

Given the chance, your mind can naturally sort out what is beneficial in the moment, creating a smoother flow through the day. After all, if your mind is ready to focus on a task, you don’t have to wear yourself out fighting to keep it from wandering!

It’s also possible to incorporate movement and meditation into the day. For meditation, moments of connection can occur through any acknowledgement of beauty and appreciation. It doesn’t have to be in one big chunk: try to enjoy smaller servings of peace throughout the day.

My days include:

  • Mornings: stretch and tone, even before getting out of bed.
  • Daytime: Dance while preparing meals and washing dishes. Keep in mind that walking, taking the stairs and cleaning the house all count as exercise, too!
  • Night: stretch and meditate for a few minutes in bed.

Myrlia Purcell

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Myrlia loves dancing, laughing and a good cup of tea. But the thing that makes her happiest of all is helping others find their own joy.

To that end, Myrlia and her husband, Steve, created, a website full of uplifting celebrity news, where fans can be inspired to find new ways to make a difference.

Though most of her time is spent running and chasing her two young girls around the garden, Myrlia also enjoys writing children's books and posting her 'Tips for a happy time on Earth' at

In 2013, Myrlia was named one of America's Top 20 Women in Philanthropy.

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